Monday, April 12, 2010

The Right Way: A Poem by Nikki

When I was editing the pictures for the "I prefer the wet look" post I started feeling some kind of way and quickly typed out a poem. Now, I do not write poetry, ever. This definitely came from the heart and I hope you all enjoy.


Waving and smiling but sitting over there whispering "look at them kinks"

naw naw naw, I know what you're saying- look at them NAPS!

nappy in the front, AND in the back

"Her mama needs to comb that hair", you say

But see here's the thing, her hair WAS combed today!

Moisturized, detangled, cared for with love

And here you are trying to spread your hate

Instead of loving what God gave above.

Why can you not see the beauty within these kinks?

her smile says it all, see- she does not need "Just For Me"

a chemical relaxer, is that the way to teach a kid to be free?

Free to be who you are. Free to live without a care.

Well, most kids these days have to worry....have to worry about their hair.

Aunties, cousins, neighbors asking "Giiiiiiirl, what happened to your hair?!"

How is a child supposed to feel? That aint no way to show you care.

What you need to do is learn to embrace it. Stop being so negative and face it.

Be gentle, be patient, be loving and kind.

Because what goes around comes around, and you don't want all that going down the generation line...

See this is what happens, it's a vicious cycle indeed.

You grow up being told your hair is like weeds.

Dry as a desert. Nappy as hell. "Once you turn 12, it's time for a relaxer! I'm tired of this mess! I wish time could go by faster."

Time goes by. You are ruining her self esteem. She looks in the mirror weeping... "God...why me?"

One day you realize what you are doing to your baby girl. You stop and realize you are doing all the wrong things.

Fine tooth comb? Gel? Grease? You google....and google....until you find peace.

Beads, Braids & Beyond, HappyGirlHair, CurlyNikki, and many others to share!

You leap for joy without a moment to spare. "Thank you Lord!"

Now let's do my babys hair...

....the right way.

Written by: Nikki of Beads, Braids & Beyond


  1. AWWW this is so good! Great job girlie! I, for one, am truly grateful I ran into your blog..

  2. LOVE IT! Well said mama. The next time someone makes an ignorant comment about my daughter's hair, I'm gonna direct them right here!

  3. go ahead Nikki!!! tell it girl! LOL that was cute!! ;)

  4. *snap, snap, snap*

  5. I love this! All mothers and daughters need to read this!

  6. What a wonderful poem, I wish everyone could read it.

  7. I absolutely love this!!! I don't have kids (and hopefully won't for a while!), but I'm so glad that I went natural so that when I do have them I'll be able to teach my sons and daughters to love and appreciate the kinks, curls and coils of natural hair. My mom never knew how to do my hair and I got teased as a kid, so I grew up thinking that my hair was "bad". It wasn't until I finally went natural (by choice) two years ago that I realized the beauty of my hair. Hopefully my (future) daughter will always think that her hair is beautiful.

  8. beautiful poem Nikki
    let me tell you that this comment is heard many times from people we know. why is her hair so big, and the horror on their faces whenever her hair is out. How do you manage that? We ignore this because me and her father love love her hair. we get wonderfully positive comments which out ways the bad one. I myself did have to learn to love it also because and can be tough to manage. she get so many great looks with her hair it's amazing. no other hair type can get these many looks with their natural hair

  9. That poem is beautiful Nikki. You should make the poem into a mini book, with a paragraph on each page and your favorite pic of A with her hair out on the cover. Keep the book for A, until that day she comes for you asking for a texturizer and the poem will express it all.

  10. Love it! Well said! I needed to read that today.

  11. Looooove this poem!!!!!!!!
    That's right, our girls need to know their hair is BEAUTIFUL and it doesn't need to be slicked, pinned, gelled, flattened, relaxed into submission!!! it's perfect and beautiful just the way it is!!

  12. This brought tears to my eyes! Such a beautiful way to capture the reality of how women and children think bout about their own hair. I love this. And I am trying so very hard to do my beautiful daughters hair, the right way. :)

  13. That was AWESOME!!!! You definitely hit the nail on the head and hit it right on. Do you mind if I print this? I like to put encouraging things like this up in my daughter's room so she can learn to love and appreciate herself now and prayerfully not fall into the media's small-minded view of what 'real' beauty is.

  14. beautiful and well said!!!!!!!!!!!!:-))

  15. OK, I just got chills. This is from the heart and I love it!

  16. WOW i loved this poem.. deffinatley from the heart.. so beautiful

  17. I love it Nikki. I must say that I saw myself in this poem and now that I am more educated I won't make another mistake by putting chemicals in my hair or my daughters hair!!! Thanks for this Nikki! I know you hear it all the time but thanks from the bottom of my heart!!

  18. Very cool poem! I'd love to post it, and those pics of A as well (with your permission) on my blog,

  19. This poem is absolutely beautiful!! Keep up the good work of promoting natural beauty!! Your excellent blog is not only informational but quite well done! Thank you.


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