Monday, January 30, 2012

3 Cornrows to the Side into One Large Braid

I had just washed and detangled Miss A's hair and knew I had to do some kind of style for school so I decided to keep it quick and simple and get back to the basics. I used our beloved Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer. Sigh. Let me tell you all, I have been experimenting with other products and there's still nothing that compares to my first love! Every time I stray away from luscious moisturizer for a while A's hair takes a bit of a beating, lol. So for those of you who have been asking if we still use Bee Mine, the answer is YES! :D

After washing and detangling I applied a generous amount of Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer on wet hair and parted a large section at an angle, I cornrowed that section but left the remaining hair loose. I did the same thing until I had a total of 3 large cornrows. Once that was done I gathered all of the remaining hair and braided one large single braid to the side. Added a flower and I was done!

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Natural Hair Length Check: Hip Length?!

I posted a quick style on our Facebook page last night (will be posting more pics here on the blog in a bit!) and someone mentioned it looked like her hair had been trimmed so I thought I would do a quick length check picture before styling Miss A's hair for the week. I guess I didn't really realize how long it has gotten! I noticed her braid outs and twist outs were hanging more and our detangling sessions have become a little longer but wow. I think she can officially claim hip length?! O_O Time for a trim? Hmm...we shall see.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We're Back - In Style! Small Cornrows into Large Cornrows

WE'RE BACK!!!!!! I am so very sorry for being MIA lately. To make it up to you all, we brought cupcakes! ♥ Okay, not really. But there is a cupcake on her bow and shirt. Close enough, right? :) I'll be making an update post later on this week. For now, let's get to the style.

Miss A has been wearing her hair out a lot lately  (check out our Facebook page for pictures)so one of my new year's resolutions is to get back to our regular styling routine. I decided to do a somewhat quick style today. I can't take credit for this gorgeous style, I totally got the idea from my Babycenter friends, Valerie and Kim. They originally posted this style a couple of years back and I'm just now getting around to trying it. The only thing I changed was the braids straight down the middle instead of adding beads (which I will probably do later this week). Read below for instructions.

  • Start with properly detangled and preferably well moisturized, stretched hair.
  • Part the hair starting from behind one ear to behind the other ear. Tie the remaining hair back to get it out of your way.
  • With the front section you just parted, part it straight down the middle and tie a section off.
  • Begin at the middle part, use your pintail comb to part at an angle. Cornrow that section of hair but leave the hair loose once you get to the end of the cornrow. Do not continue braiding because you will need the loose hair to go into the large cornrow behind the small cornrowed sections. Continue parting at an angle and cornrowing for the entire top section, leaving the end of the cornrows loose. We ended up having 6 cornrowed sections on each side.
  • Untie the remaining hair and begin parting in the middle of the head, right behind one of your small cornrowed sections. You want this section of hair to also be at an angle, but don't part too much on this particular section because you should have a lot of loose hair from the 6 cornrows you did before.
  • Cornrow that section down the side. This should be a large cornrow. Braid all the way down to the ends.
  • Continue parting large sections at an angle all through the back. We had 7 large cornrows all together.
  • I decided to braid the braids together to make a large one going down her back. I tied it off with an ouchless ponytail holder an added a bow.
  • That's it! I hope this makes sense. If you try this style I would love to see a picture on our Facebook page. Please go "like" the page and get to posting! :)
I'll add more pictures in a few. :)