Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flat Twists into Side Ponytail

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Just a quick 'do. Two strand flat twists going into side ponytail.

School is out in about a week so expect many more updates to come. :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Box Braids for Girls + iheartcurls Review

By: Aisha of Braid With Me

The Style

Anisa has been sporting a new protective style lately... Box Braids!!! Box braids are one of my favorite protective styles because they are so versatile. You can wear them up or down, curly or straight. You can also style them or just let them be.  With the proper care and moisture, box braids can last for a very long time! 

I curled Anisa's box braids using Curlformers after a couple of days of having them in. Although her hair didn't curl the way that I hoped it would, I was still very pleased with the results. 


I recently received these beautiful headbands and the gorgeous flower from Twisted Marie of iheartcurls. Iheartcurls offers fold over elastic headbands and hair ties that are both durable and affordable! The following description is available on her Etsy page:

This listing is for two FOE headbands with a silk flower and interchangeable snaps. These two bands are interchangeable the Velcro snap makes it easy to wear the flower on either band or wear it without the velcro snap. They are comfortable and can stretch easily while still maintaining their shape. Stretchy, soft material will not leave any dents or cause any headaches. Can be used to pull back hair without snagging or pulling too tight. Can be hand washed and laid flat to air dry. The ends are heat sealed to prevent fraying.

I received the Petals Package:

 Detachable flower with velcro attachment
 Fold over elastic headband with removable velcro attachment

The Review

Twisted Marie has created a wonderful product that does exactly what it claims. Anisa never complained about the headband being too tight. Nor did she have a problem with it slipping out of place. The orchid is absolutely beautiful! It never fell off and the velcro attachments did not pull or snag on her hair. 

I would definitely recommend these products!! They are durable, affordable, and oh so cute!! If you want to learn more about iheartcurls, head on over to her Etsy shop and let her know that I sent you!! 


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bee Mine Products Mother's Day Sale! 25% OFF!! Discount Code: MOMBBB

It's no secret that I *love* Bee Mine Products and my daughters main staples are from their line (curly butter and luscious moisturizer!) Well, if you have been wanting to try them NOW is your chance! Receive 25% off of your Bee Mine Products purchase starting May 12th (12 am midnight EST - 11:59 pm EST) with code: MOMBBB Bee Mine will be giving away t-shirts to the first 25 family members with orders over $100 subtotal. Samples will be given away to orders over $25 while supplies last!!!! Remember, that's code: MOMBBB Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Part 2: Part 1: Protective Style Challenge Intro Post - Meets the Participants!

As you may know from this previous post we are going to begin our Protective Styling Challenge on May 1st sponsored by Blended Beauty Products! You can use code cBB&B for 10% off your Blended Beauty Products purchase. Happy Shopping! Now lets meet the participants.... (click here for part 1!)

Name: Gelly
Age: 3 years old
Goals: Sunday is hair day. I use Shea Moisture thickening shampoo, vo5 to detangle, shea moisture curl milk to moisturize and seal with carol's daughter mimosa hair honey. I use a spritz throughout the week with water, tresemme naturals conditioner and olive oil on her ends and edges. I'll probably do buns for her style for the challenge.

Name: Makayla
Age: 4
Goals: protect her ends, growth and practice braiding. Plan on box braids, twists and cornrow styles :) 

Name: Nelly
Age: 5
Goals: I am hoping to gain some length before we get her ends trimmed. I plan on doing either mini box braids or mini twists. The products I will be using are shea moisture's moisture retention shampoo, restorative conditioner (leave-in), and curl & style milk. I will use organic coconut oil on her ends and spray it with an olive oil/conditioner/water mix as needed. 

Name: Lady
Age: 2 years old
Goals: get on team rapunzel
Products: african pride miracle growth lotion, shea moisture enhancing smoothie, our hair mojo (shea butter, coconut, olive and extra virgin olive oils), castor oil around edges and maybe some beija flor creme.brulee and LOTS of water. We shampoo with HEHH and condition with Tresseme moisture rich! Leggo

Name: Baby Ballerina
Age: 3
Goals: Healthy hair from root to tip, maintain growth and begin a routine and product regimen that will work for us. Satin pilllow cases for both of us before this challenge kicks off! I have tried a lot of products, I used a little restraint and told myself I had to finish what I had before I bought anything new! Now I am finally at the point where I am exploring some new products. I will be trying some homemade conditioners, shea moisture, coconut oil and I am looking into sulfate free shampoos. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, I am not sure of the style I may try mini twists if not then I will braid into a style. Braids usually only last her a week though. I am excited to see how this goes! 

Name: CharDae aka CC
Age: 6
Goals: This is our 2nd challenge, we hope to gain some additional length and keep her hair healthy. She experienced some really bad heat damage last year and we're back on track embracing her kinks and curls. We're either going to do some box braids or chunky twists

Name: Beebs
Age: 7 and a half (...she made me put that lol)
Goals:  Keep her hair moisturized and maybe gain some length...won't hurt :)

Name: J
Age: 7 years old
Goals: Hmmm.... I am hoping to gain a regimen through this challenge. My plan is to wash once a week with shea moisture moisture retention shampoo. condition with aussie moist, deep condition every 2 weeks with aussie 3 minute miracle. Use shea moisture restorative conditioner as a leave in. moisturize with a water/oil mix throughout the week. I have not decided what style to do yet...

Name: LNS #1
Age: 11
Goals:  For the challenge, I plan on using the Shea Moisture product line and keeping her hair in twists (two strands). I am participating because I would like to retain length/consistency in hair maintenance for my girls.

Name: Jordyn
Age: 3
Goals: So excited this is my first challenge. I plan to wash with Silk Elements Mixed Silk Shampoo and condition with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration. I then use Kinky Curly Leave in Conditioner and for moisture I use Curl Unleashed Take Command Curl Defining Creme and then seal it with Coconut Oil and then I band dry it. The styles I plan on doing for the challenge is box braids and cornrows. I will use Shea Moisture mist spray to keep it moisturized. 

Name: Angel
Age: 8.75
Goals: My goal in participating in the PSC is to retain the health and length of hair she has and to give her a break (I like to play in it too much!).
Plans: I plan to do 2 styles, lasting for 2 weeks each, consisting of flat twist/2-strand twist combination styles. I will wash before the challenge starts and midway. I will style on clean, damp hair and use Kinky Curly Knot Today to detangle/leave-in moisturizer, and follow up with a generous coating of Darcy’s Botanicals Madagascar vanilla styling crème, which keeps her hair moisturized well. I want to find a daily spray to maintain moisture but I haven't decided on that yet! 

Name: Danya and Neek
Age: 3.5 and 1.5
Goals: Goal is to grow length to Neek (1.5 yr) and maintain moisture to Danya (3.5). Danya's hair seems to need to be washed weekly, while Neek hair looks fuzzy before days end.

Name: "Little Miss Sunshine"
Age: Newly 2
Goals:  To gain and retain length.
I plan on styling in mini two-strand twists and flat twists.
Regimen: Wash & Condition Weekly
Pre-Poo: Coconut Oil and Spray Mixture
Wash: Cara B Shampoo/Body Wash
Condition: Curls Coconut Sublime
Leave-In: Cara B Leave-In Conditioner/Moisturizer
Moisturizer: Cara B Moisturizing Hair Mist (Daily)
Seal: Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm or CD Honey Hair Mimosa
Style: Darcy’s Botanicals, Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste (Edges)

Name: BabeeGirl
Age: 15 months
We have not established a set regiment yet, so this is what I am planning to try to incorporate.We will be using V05 moisturizing smoothie conditioner to co-wash...shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie as a leave-in to style...we will be sealing with pure shea butter...and twice daily spritzing with a olive oil/glycerine/water mix. She will also be sleeping in a satin bonnet.Style: I'm not sure about styling because I'm just learning about protective styling for her hair type.
Goals for this challenge: To establish a regiment for her hair care and to learn some good protective styles.

Name: Mini
Age: 26months
Goals: We will be rocking mini braids *hopefully we can get a month out of this style* We currently use Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hair Milk & Murrays Gel Loc-Lock *works great for twists & getting her ends to curl while in the braids*

We only wash every two weeks because Mini hates getting her hair washed, but since this is our first time with mini braids we may be using ACV on the parts as needed and coconut oil.

Our goal is maintaining a routine & networking with others for more style ideas :)

Name, Age & Goals: 
Hi I have two daughters kamyrah 8years n naviae' 3years my girls have two complete textures my goal is to give the weave a break and beads n etc. And to build a strong regemine n get more length n healthier hair :) I even plan on trying new products from bee mine :)

Name: Laila
Age: 19 months
Goals: I hope to continue/retain her hair length. I will style her hair in twists,braids, and I will attempt box braids. The products I will use are Cara B, Carols Daughter, New Mine, and Coconut oil.

Name: Tai
Age: 6.5 yrs
Regiment: We have not established a set regiment yet. Im just going to 2strand twist her hair, maybe learn to 3strand twist and bun it. Maybe I can practice learning how to flat twist. I have some Blended Beauty Lotion and Hairveda Whipped Gelly (if it gets delivered in time) 
Goals for this challenge: Learn some good protective styles

Name: LNS #3
Age: 4
Goals: For the challenge, I plan on using the Shea Moisture product line and keeping her hair in twists (two strands). I am participating because I would like to retain length/consistency in hair maintenance for my girls. 

Name: Gigi
Age: 6
Goals: length, and maintain 
Plan: either mini cornrows our mini twist, hoping to keep same style for entire challenge with minimal manipulation. Will prep hair with KC come clean shampoo n knot today conditioner, will style with be mine hair butter, carwash every other week withAsIAm coconut carwash. 

Name: Gabriella aka "GABITUDE"
Age: 3
Goals: Healthy hair and GROWTH!!!! and set a routine for her hair care
I am still working on a plan and will probably use Shea Moisture products, she recently had her dead ends trimmed that were damaged from the overuse of beads and rubberbands. I am considering mini twists or continuing with cornrow styles so I can continue to improve since I just learned how to do it 25 days ago!!! 

Name: Mireya
Age: 5.5
Goals: she is about 3wks recovering from Tinea Capitis(ringworm of the scalp) so I want to see her bald spot (size of a half dollar) filled in lol and also to retain length

Products: Organix shampoo & conditioner. Giavonni direct leave in, Blended beauty happy nappy and blended beauty hair oil, Shea moisture curl & style milk and curling souffle. I will use a spray bottle mix(conditioner, olive oil) for daily touch up.

Style: I plan to start off with mini braid or twist and hope it last at least 2-3 wks. we will see. Trying to work around a bald spot is hard :/

Name: Alivia
Age: 2
Goals: Lengthing, Moisture retention, just healthier hair.... I hope to get my Curls Products soon.. Yay 

Name: Malia
Age: 3
Goals: My goal would prob be length and to expand my knowledge and alternatives for her haircare. This is Our 1st Protective Style Challenge, I have little protective Style experience, but from post and research, I know the basic do's and don'ts. My plans are twist and if I can learn quick enough, braids. I've been using the new beautiful texture brands for a couple weeks. My daughters hair has NEVER been relaxed and I've been a little intimidated by the texture and the thickness but I'm learning to embrace it. 

Name: Ashelyn
Age: 5
Goals: to retain length, and maybe gain some length as well
Products:Cara B, Bee Mine, and ReVe' Essentials
Style: I will alternate between box braids, cornrows, and maybe mini twist 

Name: "Monk"
Age:  5 (6 in a couple of weeks) 
Goals: Our main goal is to retain length and work on increasing moisture levels. I'm horrible about moisturizing while her hair is.styled. 
Products: Bee mine luscious cream, cara b spritz, olive hair, jbco and aubrey organics. Maybe some others.

Name: "A"
Age: 15
Goals: My goal is to gain length and i will most likely have my hair in individuals or twists....i am the one on the right with sunglasses

Name: LA
Age: Will be 2 in 4 days
Goals: Length and hairline protection
Plan: I really want to try mini braids for this challenge and make them last the whole month of May. I plan to wash her hair with Come Clean then detangle and band using Cantu leave-in. I will use Shea Moisture smoothie and castor oil to seal in moisture throughout the braiding process. I have flexi-rods so hopefully I can get creative with the mini braids so they won't look so plain.

Name: Shiloh
Age: 6
Goals: My goal is to manipulate her hair as little as possible. I also want to retain length so that when I do have to cut the relaxer off she will have some length. We are going to do mini box braids for this challenge. We are currently using oyin handmade, bee mine, and organics root stimulator.

Name: LNS #2
Age: 8
Goals:For the challenge, I plan on using the Shea Moisture product line and keeping her hair in twists (two strands). I am participating because I would like to retain length/consistency in hair maintenance for my girls. 

Name: Ava
Age: 4
Goals: Moisture retention, Growth, Thickness
Products: coconut oil, Shea moisture (curling souffle,dry scalp elixir,thickening growth milk) Curls lavish curls moisturizer,Hello hydration conditioner, olive oil shampoo
Styles: probably two strand twists maybe box braids.. I can't cornrow, so that's

SUPER EXCITED about this, as her hair fell out a year and a half ago due to eczema, and I've been working so hard to get it to grow... 

Name: Gigi
Age:  6 going on 7
Goals:  Continue to add length and retain moisture
Plan: Continue with our current routine.. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Moisture Retention shampoo, Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair conditioner, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Deep Treatment Mask as a leave in, then olive oil, raw shea, and/or coconut oil to seal. If I'm lucky maybe start trying BeeMine products :) 

Name: Maiya
Age: 8 years old
Goals: Shea moisture moisture retention shampoo, vo5 to detangle, oyin hair dew to moisturize sealed with olive/castor oil mix. I'll keep her hair in twists or braids and bun it. I twist with shea moisture smoothie or bee mine curly butter. My goal is to retain moisture and length and to take better care of her ends. I cut about 1.5 inches of rough ends. I also want to grow her bangs out.

Name: Eliana
Age: 7
Goals: My goal is to get her hair to a healthy mositure level and more manageable. I joined to find out what protective stying is. I use Carols Daughter for shampoo and conditioner once a week, for styling I use Parnevu tea tree oil, leave-in condtioner and hair mayo. Occasionally I use Caorls Daughter hair honey and hair butter. I made a mistake and put a just for me texturizer in her hair and now regret it. But I was at my whits end with the crying everytime I touched her hair. I have never done cornrows or flat rope twist, but we're going to try. Any suggestions would be great. 

Name: Boot
Age: 9
Goals: We want to retain length and to get back in the routine of things!!! 

Name: Ari
Age:  2.5
Goals: try to establish a routine and maintain her length or gain. Her is so fine/thin that I usually just style her in quick ponytails. 
Style: I plan to style her weekly since her hair does not hold longer than that. We will do cornrows. I want to try mini box braids but the last time i did it they were unraveling within an hr. UGH!!! we will see
Products: Organix shampoo & conditioner. Giavonni direct leave in, one of these depending on the style,Blended beauty happy nappy and blended beauty hair oil, Shea moisture curl & style milk and curling souffle. I will use a spray bottle mix(conditioner, EV olive oil) for daily touch up. 

Name: MJ
Age: 4 Months
Goals: Healthy Hair!!! Want to try to retain length and although, it may not be completely possible try to "lessen" the amount of that famous baby bald spot (surprisingly his sister didn't have one when she was a infant! LOL Planning on using Shea Moisture Baby Shea Butter and grapeseed oil on his hair for finger/comb coils and maybe some plaits!

Name: Kai
Age: 2
Goals: To give her hair a break from ponytails and rubberbands, retain length, and maintain healthy ends ( she just got her ends clipped for her 2nd birthday). I also want to use less shampoo, I plan on only doing co-washes for the month of May. I plan on styling Kai's hair in mini twists for the first 2 weeks( lets see how that goes,lol), and mini braids for the last two weeks. I can't wait to learn new ways to care of natural hair during this challenge! 

Name: TeenyFab
Age: 2
Goals: retain length and moisture! She will be wearing two strand twist with flat twist in the front. Products we use are curls curly q's and jojoba oil 

Name: Jojo
Age: 5
Goals:  Get back on a regular routine. Maintain moisture and get ends back in shape. We will be using Shea Moisture Shampoo and Aubrey Organics White Camelia Conditioner. For a moisturizer/styler we will use Carols Daughter Healthy hair butter and coconut oil to seal. Her hair will probably be in mini twists or braids. 

Name: Ashley
Age: 8
Goals: Healthy hair, we want to retain length. and balance her moisture levels. We will be wearing what I call micro twists they are a little smaller than mini twists. We will be only using coconut oil to oil her hair and I will wash once a week with a coconut milk rinse. 

Name: Munchkin
Age: 2
Goals: Consistency!! I want to develop a routine so she will not dread hair day. Will style in 2 strand twists for first time on her hair. Better start praying now... 

Name: Gabi
Age:  4.5
Goals:  Moisture, moisture, moisture! Now that we know how to take better care of her curls, it will look so much better than it does in this pic. It was crazy hot and getting bigger by the minute lol. I'm not sure on styles right now but I'm leaning toward mini twists. We use mixed chicks kid shampoo and leave in, herbal essences hello hydration conditioner, and bee mine products for styling and daily moisture.

Name: Mybug
Age: 2
Goals: To maintain length,practice styling. Just want to see if less manipulation really makes a difference with her hair type. 

Name: Nylah
Age: 4
Goals: Our goal is to gain length and overall healthy hair care!
Plans: Mini braids, it will be my first time styling her hair with mini braids! We will be using Blended Cutie products! Good luck everyone! 

Names DaMiyah, DaKayla, Da'Liyah
Goal: Growth and Maintain lenght
Products I use are Kids Organics Olive Oil +Shea Butter moisturizer, Tea tree oil hairdress, soft hold Olive Oli conditioning smoothing and styling Gel, and Gro Strong Olive Oil growth stimulating therapy and water and Hello Hydration conditioner
Style will be mini twists on all 3 of their heads for the whole month

Name: Alana J.
Age: 4
Goals:  To retain length and protect ends. I will be using Shea Moisture Products on her hair. She will wear twists and cornrow styles! 

Name: Blaire
Age: 15 months
Goals: Well, my purpose in joining this challenge is length retention of course! I've been a fan of these challenges for way too long and now I'm thrilled because I can finally participate. Blaire has never had a style for longer than 2 days; I am definitely looking forward to the little manipulation part. My goal is to begin the challenge with mini twists or box braids, and to leave them in for the entire month (FINGERS CROSSED). Leaping from 2 days to a month is a bit large but anything's possible. We shampoo with Shea Moisture Coco & Hibiscus once a week, condition with a combination of Carol's Daughter Curly Hair Milk conditioner + Aussie Moist and we will moisturize with Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk or Carol's Hair Milk. Our overall goal is to promote healthy hair for tiny tots (toddlers under 2) :-) Happy Challenge everyone!

Name: Synae
Age: 5
Goals: To add some length and also to get her hair healthier.
Plan: For this challenge I dusted her ends, gave her a cholesterol treatment and did mini-braids. I plan to co-wash only and leave her minis in for the whole challenge probably with a little braid refreshing during the last week, Hopefully now tho! 

Name: Ana
Age: 4 1/2
Goals:  we are really hoping to finally gain a bit of length! Ready for braids as tiny as she will let me do!

Name: Chloe
Age: 2.5
Goals: To create a routine of infusing moisture and creativity in her everyday styling. This site has really helped spark my creative juices, however, I am currently in a rut. I want her hair to gain legnth and softness. It is not dry, but not as manageable as I would like it. I am currently using BeeMine shampoo, daily leave-in conditioner and moisturizer. I see all types of products that people are using, but everything is online. I would love tips of locations in the Southeast Michigan area where i can buy natural products.

Name: Yanni
Age: 6
Goals: Retention!!! She lost a good amount of hair during my pregnancy, because of lack of care. We've since got back into a routine but needing this challenge! Seeing how much her hair grows in a month. I'm gonna use a mixture of Kinky Curly, Shea Moisture, and Curlz products, along with Coconut oil and grapeseed. I'm gonna do a bun style first, then small to medium diamond box braids! 

Name: Célisa
Age: 9
Goals: length & Health. products we plan on using ACV, pink conditioner and tea tree oil hairdress. 

Name: Miss M.
Age:  6
Goals: Promote hair growth, establish a routine and keep the moisturized. I will style her hair with a combination of twists and cornrows. I can't wait to post and get great ideas from you ladies!!

Name: Bella
Age: 2
Goals: To maintain a protective style for atleast 4weeks, keep moisturized, minimize breakage, save me some time (lol), retain length. Our plan (in progress) is to do mini braids! Very excited about this challenge and viewing all of the styles. Nik you have truely changed the life of our hair :D 

Name: Ariana
Age: 7
Goals: to get more length and stay well moisterized. we will be doing box braids for the first time :) really hope she will sit still long enough for me to do them :/ i will be using coconut oil and water and conditioner.. and whatever other product i pick up today at the store:) good luck to everyone!!! 

Name: Miss J.
Age: 3
Goals: retain moisture on ends o.f her hair. I want her to reach bsl (unstretched) and waist length (CDstretched). I plan to keep using Shea moisture products and add castor oil. 

Name:  Kyndra and Alicia
Age: 13 and 10
Goals: is to keep their hair moisturized and healthy. Also to gain more length. Products Shea Moisture Curling Souffle', oil mixture, Blue Magic Mango/Lime Leave In conditioner. It really will depend on the style. As far as style is concern Kyn like to keep her hair in twist while Licia like braids and high buns. I am looking forward to seeing more styles in this challenge!

Names DaMiyah, DaKayla, Da'Liyah
Goal: Growth and Maintain lenght
Products I use are Kids Organics Olive Oil +Shea Butter moisturizer, Tea tree oil hairdress, soft hold Olive Oli conditioning smoothing and styling Gel, and Gro Strong Olive Oil growth stimulating therapy and water and Hello Hydration conditioner
Style will be mini twists on all 3 of their heads for the whole month

Names DaMiyah, DaKayla, Da'Liyah
Goal: Growth and Maintain lenght
Products I use are Kids Organics Olive Oil +Shea Butter moisturizer, Tea tree oil hairdress, soft hold Olive Oli conditioning smoothing and styling Gel, and Gro Strong Olive Oil growth stimulating therapy and water and Hello Hydration conditioner
Style will be mini twists on all 3 of their heads for the whole month

Name: Anaya
Age: 8 (will be 9 in 3 months)
Goals: to add as much length as possible and force me to spend more time on her hair. 
Plans: I plan to leave her hair down and natural (like in the picture) as much as possible. I'll probably do some buns & updo's with bobby pins (are those allowed?) and maybe some twists, but I'll have to experiment with the twists because her hair doesn't usually hold the twists without rubber bands or clips on the ends.

Name: Lili
Age: 2
Goals: Same as her big sister (Gabi), moisture, moisture, moisture! We use mixed chicks kid shampoo and leave in, herbal essences hello hydration conditioner, and bee mine products for styling and daily moisture. I'm thinking mini braids will work better for her? Or cornrows? I'm not sure what to do really as I have to use some sort of bands for her hair to stay in a style. Her curl pattern is much looser than her sister and it's thinner I think. 

Name: Ciara and India
Age: 9 and 3
Goals: We are hoping to retain length and come up with more creative styles. I will probably be doing a combination of cornrows and twists on their hair. We will be using Silk Elements Olive shampoo and conditioner, Herbal Essences Longterm relationship leave-in, Proclaim Natural 7 oil, Organic Root Stimulator Olive lotion and African Pride Olive Miracle braid spray.

Name: Anee (Anay)
Age: 8
Goals: My goal is to give my daughters hair a break for a while. The school year is winding up and STAR testing is rite around the corner. I love protective styles for Anee because her hair flourishes. I plan on using Bee Mine products, Shea Moisture, My natural Mix (Olive, avocado, shea, jojoba, rosemary, tea tree, and vit E). I will co-wash her hair once a week with conditioner only. I'm going to do Mini braids and I hooope they last 6 weeks :)

Name: Jakaylyn
Age: 2
Goals: to give her hair a break.and moisture retention products curls products olive oil and coconut oil

Name: Bean
Goal: To impart more moisture , to give her hair line a break, and to retain length.
Plan: Wash hair and deep condition with Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Locks. Moisturize with Bee Mine Luscious and band in prep for mini twists. Style her hair in mini twists with Bee Mine Curly Butter. After the twists are in I plan to mist her hair with water or homeade conditioning sprtiz. Seal her ends and add more moisturizer every 2 days. Add/ massage in Karen's Body Beautiful Heavenly Jojoba Hair Oil to her scalp. Wash twists and conditon after 2 weeks, then once a week after that, and follow the same outlined care routine. We are using a satin bonnet and a satin pillowcase, too.

Name: Jaliyah
Age: 4
Goals & Plan during the challenge: Our goal is to give her hair a break. Since I had my son 7 months ago I can't get into a routine with her hair. My plan is to wash and condition her hair with mixed chicks shampoo and condition. I will probably do mini box braids and keep them in as long as they will stay using bee mine curly butter. I will moisturize them at night with EVCO.

GAWJUSSSS CHILDREN! Thank you all for joining this challenge! Stay tuned to see all of their amazing protective styles in the next post.