Thursday, May 17, 2012

Box Braids for Girls + iheartcurls Review

By: Aisha of Braid With Me

The Style

Anisa has been sporting a new protective style lately... Box Braids!!! Box braids are one of my favorite protective styles because they are so versatile. You can wear them up or down, curly or straight. You can also style them or just let them be.  With the proper care and moisture, box braids can last for a very long time! 

I curled Anisa's box braids using Curlformers after a couple of days of having them in. Although her hair didn't curl the way that I hoped it would, I was still very pleased with the results. 


I recently received these beautiful headbands and the gorgeous flower from Twisted Marie of iheartcurls. Iheartcurls offers fold over elastic headbands and hair ties that are both durable and affordable! The following description is available on her Etsy page:

This listing is for two FOE headbands with a silk flower and interchangeable snaps. These two bands are interchangeable the Velcro snap makes it easy to wear the flower on either band or wear it without the velcro snap. They are comfortable and can stretch easily while still maintaining their shape. Stretchy, soft material will not leave any dents or cause any headaches. Can be used to pull back hair without snagging or pulling too tight. Can be hand washed and laid flat to air dry. The ends are heat sealed to prevent fraying.

I received the Petals Package:

 Detachable flower with velcro attachment
 Fold over elastic headband with removable velcro attachment

The Review

Twisted Marie has created a wonderful product that does exactly what it claims. Anisa never complained about the headband being too tight. Nor did she have a problem with it slipping out of place. The orchid is absolutely beautiful! It never fell off and the velcro attachments did not pull or snag on her hair. 

I would definitely recommend these products!! They are durable, affordable, and oh so cute!! If you want to learn more about iheartcurls, head on over to her Etsy shop and let her know that I sent you!! 



  1. I adore Anisa's box braids and super cute outfits. Just a beautiful girl! Definitely going to check out iheartcurls! Thank for sharing.

  2. Beautiful braids! I love her outfits as well!


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