Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Banded Pony with Korkers


Yes, another banded ponytail. lol I can't get over them. They are super cute and quick. Jazz it up with bows and different colored ponytail holders. Do as many as you want, you can't go wrong!

I took these banded ponytails out the next morning for school and did this one. A actually wanted to wear her hair in the 6 banded ponytails I did for bed but I didn't have the heart to send her with that part, if you want to school it a part. lol This took around 5 minutes. I moisturized with our shea butter/coconut oil mix and used Goody Ouchless ponytail holders. The korker bows are from Gymboree. :)

Note to self: Next time you do something for bed, at least try to make it look a little more decent.


  1. Pretty. I know how you feel. bae Bae wore banded ponytails for a week...I just switched the number of ponytails every two days..I did take the bands out at night, moisturized, detangled and braided the ponytail.You are right about not going wrong with banded ponytails and they are cute. Lol @ the note to self.

  2. i think this is beautiful too.. i am also falling in love with banding too...

  3. That is gorgeous,but that was some kind of part on the 6 banded ponytails.LOL!Do you know anywhere else other than gymboree that sells korkers

  4. I will admit at first I didn't really like the banded pony tails, but after seeing them on A I think they are so cute now!! I'm a working mama so my mom actually gets my daughter ready for school. I have started doing my parts before bed and banding the ponytail, then in the morning my mom just has to take the bands out and smooth out the flyaways, this has really been great!! thanks for sharing!!


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