Monday, April 12, 2010

Product Review: LottaBody Olive Oil Foam Wrap Lotion

LottaBody Olive Oil Foam Wrap Lotion

The Claim: Provides healthy long-lasting style & leaves the hair soft, silky-smooth with body & movement. Fortified with the natural restoractive power of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil to instantly moisturize and strengthen dry hair. Non-Flaky alchohol free formula. Excellent for relaxed or natural hair. Perfect for roller-set, wrap-set, or waved hairstyles.

Ingredients: I currently cannot find these ingredients online. I will type these out as soon as I have the time.

Price: $4.99 7 fl. oz

Review: I used LottaBody Olive Oil Foam Wrap Lotion when I did A's Pretty Updo. I was definitely not pleased with this product. It feels kind of like soap. You know the foam soap they use in the public restrooms? Exactly like that. It smells like that too. I didn't mind the smell though. It didn't have great hold and I think it dried her hair out a bit. I highly doubt I will be using this product again.

Any setting lotion recommendations would be great!


  1. That's good to know. Reviews like this save us all time and money. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Nikki. It looks like it could've been a good product.

  3. I've been looking for a setting lotion as well and I really want to check out Jane Carter solution Wrap and Roll; here's the link....
    Try and it and be sure to post a review!!!

  4. I second the Wrap n Roll by Jane Carter and they sell it at Target now.

  5. Wow I thought is was a good product

  6. I'm so glad you did a product review because I would have brought this as soon as I saw it Im some what a product junkie, I've yet to find a foam wrap product that did not soap up and be extra sticky

  7. You can try diluting the foam wrap. Mix it in a spray bottle with some how you would dilute the other Lottabody setting lotions. The trick to Lottabody is diluting it alot....the more slippery it feels on your fingers is the harder the hold. I dilute mine so that it's only a little slippery. This gives me a very soft roller set, but with good hold.


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