Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sesame Street at Kids Foot Locker

Last week I went to Kids Foot Locker to get Lil man some all white Nike Air Force Ones to wear on his first birthday. Well, while I was there I saw the Sesame Street Dracula shoes and fitted cap. Now, I know these have been out for some time now, but I could NOT resist the price. All of the New Balance Sesame Street shoes were $10 (in infant sizes, which go to 10, I believe) and the fitted caps to match were $3! So this is just a heads up for mommies with boys...or girls for that matter! I love a good deal.


Who says boys can't wear purple? :P


  1. Too cute. Please post a pic of Lil Man when he wears them...I know he's going to look too handsome.

  2. These are cute, great prices.


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