Thursday, February 11, 2010

Littleman's Lounge: Donavan

Tell us a little about yourself and your son:

I’m Michelle..26 year old single mom to 3 year old Donavan. He is ½ white, ½ black.

What is your son's hair care routine?

We wash once a week and co-wash twice a week (or more, if needed- boys can sweat a lot! lol) In the mornings, I spray his hair with a conditioner/water mix to freshen up his curls before he goes to school. I am in the process of growing his hair out, so it’s pretty simple for now. I plan on cornrowing his hair as soon as it’s long enough.

What kind of products do you use on his hair?

I shampoo and condition with Organix Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner. My new favorite product is the GVP Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm- found at Sally’s Beauty Supply for cheap! Around $6! This stuff smells wonderful and works wonders on Donavan’s curls.

Can we see some hair pictures?

This was first posted on November 23rd, 2009. Below is Donavan's hair update as of January 2010. It seems to be growing fast!

How does your son feel about his hair?

Donavan loves his hair. When I used to take him to the barber shop for haircuts, he would be so upset to see his curls fall on the floor. lol I’ve been wanting to grow his hair out, but it wasn’t until recently that his hair started growing evenly on his head. I showed him pictures of boys with longer hair and cornrows and he is really excited to have his hair done the same way.

If you had to share one hair care tip, what would it be?

MOISTURIZE!!! It makes such a difference! Biracial hair can be hard to manage…but only if you make it that way. Do your research and learn about products…it will make such a difference in your child’s hair.

Our very first little man!! Donavan is such a little handsome guy and judging from all the different pictures I've seen of him he has quite the personality. His mother is an amazing woman and is doing such a great job with his curls! I cannot wait to see what it looks like once it grows out! Keep us updated Michelle! We would love to see his progress.

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  1. He is so handsome. He had great growth within a few months. Good job mommy, he will be able to get cornrows soon. just make sure the braids aren't tight because all that hard work will go down the drain. Tight cornrows causes breakage and sometimes the cornrows will be too tight the hair may not grow back. Good Luck.

  2. i don't even want to think about the hearts he will break. those curls are luscious.

  3. Oh goodness! He's tooooo cute! I LOVE his curls!

  4. He is adorable, my baby just got his 1st haircut (1st b-day) he had a lot of hair but wasn't even, I'm letting it grow now. Show us braids...he is gonna look sooo cute..

  5. Watch out you have a little heart breaker on your hands!!! Those gorgeous curls!!!


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