Sunday, February 14, 2010

Your Questions Answered: Why soak rubberbands in oils?

Question: Why do you soak your rubberbands in oil? (olive oil, melted coconut oil)

Answer: The reason I soak rubberbands in Extra Virgin Olive Oil or melted Virgin Coconut oil is because most rubberbands tend to be on the dry side. Now imagine pulling ponytails into a dry rubberband. That rubberband is going rub against the hair, which may cause breakage. So, not only do I think it is important to soak the rubberbands in EVOO or CO but it is also very important to moisturize the hair well before styling. Several years ago, before I knew anything about hair care, I used very cheap (family dollar) rubberbands, which were extremely dry and they most certainly caused breakage. I now purchase my rubberbands from the Beauty Supply Store. They come in a little container of 500 and they really don't seem dry at all, but I take the extra step just in case. The best part is, I never notice breakage since using this method!

Also, I noticed when I soaked the rubberbands in melted coconut oil, that after two days it stretched the rubberband out. Now I wouldn't recommend leaving them in coconut oil for too long, because then they will just easily break, no longer than one day.

I usually soak the rubberbands in an oil for an hour to a day, depending on when I remember. If I'm short on time I will just rub them in olive oil/coconut oil really quickly, and make sure I moisturize the area that I will be putting the rubberband on. (the ends, the base, etc)

I hope that helps! :)


  1. Thank you!! I was wondering this! Hope you had a Great Valentine's day!

  2. Glad to see the reason why. And definitely something to consider when doing Naty's hair.

  3. Nice. I never thought about doing that. Every time oil and my rubberbands meet they break, maybe I have the cheap ones, lol. I'm gonna definitely try this for rubberbands on the ends.

  4. Will have to start putting that into practice with in my daughters hair!!! Thnx a million

  5. My mom thought that rubberbands caused breakage too, so she always cut them out our hair to minimize pulling and rubbing.

  6. I'd been meaning to ask how long you soak your rubberbands. Thanks for posting!

  7. i was wondering why you did that.. great idea.. i will deff give it a go next time...
    i always cut mine out which i thought helped reduce any breakage also.. but i will be adding the soaking to be extra careful.


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