Monday, July 11, 2011

Spin on Asian Inspired Mohawk (by Baby Big Hair)

I asked Chloe of Baby Big Hair to share this adorable style as a guest post, check it out:

New fav style inspired by blogger Journey to My Roots (J2MR). Please see the simple, easy-peasy Asian Inspired Mohawk posted at the end of this post tutorial below and here. She initially posted this as a switch up style to her Mohawk tutorial. When I saw this I knew I had to try it; just too gorgeous and simple! This style is great for stretching out washings a day or two, or pre-pooing all day long. For a quick run down of how we achieved this look, I first parted BBH’s hair in large sections ear to ear (4 large and small triangle like shape in the very front for twisted bangs) and banded each section with an ouchless band. Then I twisted the “bangs” in front and let those set while I did the buns. Because we were on the way to the library (can you tell by the crooked part? LOL!), I deviated from the video just a bit by taking each large banded section, and twisting them into 1 or 2 large twists (depending on how “big” her hair was in each section) and pinning them under as J2MR did in her tutorial. This gives you big, thick, chunky buns but with a quasi-rose bud (make sense?) effect. Cleary, J2MR’s tutorial came out with much smoother buns with that asian flair which I LOVE, but I like our BIG HAIR version too:)

Not only is this fun and different, but J2MR and I were chatting about how beautiful this would look with flowers or baby’s breath along the side or between buns. Can you say flower girl hair (WHAT?!?!). This is also a super cute done with mini/small twists (trust, I have pics forthcoming). Go’Head Baby!!


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