Monday, July 25, 2011

Queen Helene Royal Curl Creme Day 3 Update

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Here's a quick Queen Helene Royal Curl Creme 3 day update...

On night 2 A's hair was feeling a little dry so after I sprayed it with water I spritzed some Bee Mine Juicy Spritz over her hair then braided it in 5 loose braids, as shown here. The next morning I took her braids down, her hair felt nice and soft, almost all the crunchiness was gone. The pictures shown here are at the end of day 3. After a day out, including 3 hours of skating. She went swimming right after these pictures so there will be no more updates but she got a good 3 days out of the Queen Helene Royal Curl Creme. I wouldn't use it too often because of the dryness on night 2 but A doesn't wear her curls out that often anyway so no worries here.


  1. I will have to try the juicy spritz because my daughters hair was pretty dry as well.

  2. I went to Whole Foods last night and asked what the policy was on returns if this product didn't work for us. The lady there gave us a sizable sample. So glad for that, I hate buy stuff and it not working well for Des.

  3. What a head of hair... OMG I cannot wait to have hair that long and thick... its coming its coming.

  4. Usually at whole Foods you can return any product you are not happy with. I was told to just keep my receipt. I tried Kinky Curly some time back and now I am trying the Queen Helene RCC (just used it to day so far I like it).


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