Friday, April 1, 2011

Box Braids Cornrowed & Curled To The Side

I had this style in mind when I decided to restyle Anisa's box braids.

I began by spraying her braids with a water and conditioner mixture. Next, I grabbed a section of her braids near the nape of her neck and began braiding horizontally until I reached the opposite side.

I continued to grab sections of her braids in the same fashion until I was completely done. Once I was done braiding, I secured the cornrows with an ouchless band just as I did with the cornrows with a side puff style. The first two cornrows in the front were secured together, the 3 middle cornrows were together, and the last 2 cornrows were secured together.

I sprayed her braids again and rolled them using the satin covered sponge rollers that I bought from Wal-Mart. She kept the rollers in for most of the day.

Submitted by our guest blogger, Aisha.


  1. Such creative ideas you have! Beautiful style :)

  2. How beautiful. Aisha does such pretty styles, and the flower is fabulous! This is the first time I've seen satin covered rollers. Cool.

  3. I love this !! My daughter has baby braid locs, and this is a perfect style alternative to the wild n free look :)

  4. Thank you!
    @ The Modesty Movement - I LOVE locs!! I've been thinking about locing my hair but I'm not 100% sure yet. I like to style Anisa's braids with locs in mind. Like you said- it does give an alternative to the wild and free look.

  5. Aisha, you always have such great styles. Do you have your own blog?

  6. I love it! Aisha do you have a regimen for her? I am transitioning both my daughters and need help!


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