Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cornrowed Ponytails

Our wonderful guest blogger Aisha is back with another beautiful style done on her daughter, Anisa!

The day after Anisa received her trim I decided to braid her hair. On the night of her trim I decided to band her hair again to stretch it out some more.

I started braiding Anisa's hair without a style in mind. I began in the back and this is what I came up with. We had to leave the house for a little while before I finished, so I put the remainder of her hair in a twisted ponytail.

Top view before I finished.

Style was finally complete. She ended up having 6 sections of free style cornrows gathered into ponytails. She also had 2 cornrows that were not gathered into a ponytail. Even though I did not have anything in mind when I started this style, I love how it turned out.

Since I decided not to add beads, I curled her hair using Curlformers. She did not sleep in them this time. She wore them all day and I took them out right before bedtime.

The results - She ended up having a nice, loose curl.


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