Monday, April 18, 2011

Criss-cross Cornrow Style Remix

This is a style remix of the Criss-cross Cornrows & Three Strand Twists style. Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of pictures but I finished up the top in the same pattern it was originally parted in mixing in straight cornrows and more criss-cross cornrows. I started using Little Penguin products again but realized they were not giving me as much hold as I get with Bee Mine Curly Butter so I proceeded to use the Curly Butter on the rest of her cornrows. I completely freestyled through this style. I went with the flow and braided each side to the middle of her head rotating straight cornrows and criss-cross cornrows. I didn't get a chance to bead her hair so she wore it just like this for a few days before I moved on to the next "style remix". Stay tuned! ;)


  1. Lovely! I wish I knew how to do the criss-crossing!

  2. love it!

    my daughter has the same bedding set =)

  3. I love this, I think I am going to attempt the criss crossing cornrow soon. I am getting better Nikki, I have finally gotten the hang of cornrowing, still practicing and learning, of course, but I'm getting better and super excited about it!! :)


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