Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amazing Etsy Shops For Your Girls

Our guest blogger, Aisha, sent me links to some amazing Etsy shops and I really wanted to share them with you all. Enjoy!

I just recently found Erin Go Paint through Afro Puffs & Ponytails.

"When this Rapunzel lets down her hair it makes a statement!
Beautifully curly and natural it goes everywhere but down. The witches and princes of the world are out of luck, as this little Princess can take care of herself."

African American Bow Holder by Cruzcreation

Princess Clip by MyLittlePixies

Kidz Fun Portrait Paintings by MyJunkyTrunk.

"Wouldn't it be amazing if you could commission an artist to do a portrait painting of your child (or a nephew, niece, a godchild or any other special child in your life) without paying the hundreds or even thousands of dollars that most professional portrait artists charge?"

Girl Power Print

African American Creation by iboriginal

My Sista, My Friend by jadeandwele

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops? Feel free to share the link below!


  1. How cute is this! I can't wait to have kids. What key words do you guys use to search for stuff on etsy?

  2. These are just adorable!! Great find!

  3. Thank you for sharing these!! I love the Rapunzel one....goodness, do my little African loves know how to work their magic!!!


    I have no idea if this is how I should link this... This print was made with my daughters in mind... The artist is simply amazing!

  5. Thanks for these shops! all my favorites are more for me. but I know that thirsty roots has super cute shirts for ladies and little girls.

  6. Thank you for including my Rapunzel in your list!!! :-)
    Its an honor to be on this blog.

  7. Wow! These are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I dont have a esty store but I have a blog I love painting girls with big natural hair...


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