Friday, April 22, 2011

Diva Spotlight: Anaya

Tell us a little about yourself & your daughter:
My name is Michelle and my daughter's name is Anaya. She'll be 8 in July. I would consider her hair type a 3C.

What is your daughter's hair care routine?
I wash her hair every weekend with Aussie Moist shampoo and conditioner. I leave the conditioner in for about 10 minutes before I rinse it out. Then I put Organix Coconut Conditioner in (thick), and comb through with a large-toothed comb. I always start at the ends and work toward the scalp so that there's no pulling on tangles. I dab her head with a towel when she gets out of the bathtub but don't rub it or dry it too much. Then I let it air dry.

If I do a style in her hair (braids, twists, etc) I'll usually leave the style in for a week (or less if it starts looking fuzzy). Most often, I leave her hair down with a headband or clip in the front or put it up in a single high ponytail. I work full-time outside the home, so I don't always have the time to put braids or twists in her hair. I keep her hair wrapped at night with a silk scarf.

In the mornings (if her hair is down or in a ponytail), I use pure organic coconut oil and Bee Mine spray or Bee Mine coconut lotion. I put enough on to thoroughly wet her hair (not dripping wet) and then I finger comb it out until it's in nice chunky curls. Once it dries, she just shakes her head really hard and the curls fluff up perfectly.

What kind of products do you use on her hair?
I use the Bee Mine line and Curlz. I've also used (and liked) Carols Daughter Hair Milk

Have you ever used chemicals on her hair?

Can we see a few of your favorite styles?
Of course =)

How did you learn to do all of this?
Her grandma and her auntie taught me the basics and then I've improved via practice, YouTube and your blog.

How does your daughter feel about her hair?
Can we see her favorite style? She loves her hair! She loves that no one else at her school has hair like hers. She hates when people touch her hair but she loves the attention she gets. LOL

If you had to share one hair care tip, what would it be?
Keep the hair conditioned and limit contact with the hair when it's dry.


  1. she is super cute and her hair looks great!

  2. beautiful! i love the 'star' patterns you used.

  3. Thank you ladies!!

  4. I adore Anaya's hair and do's. Lots of style inspiration here! :o)


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