Friday, June 25, 2010

Slanted Cornrows and Natural Box Braids


  • A's hair was washed with Bee Mine Products and moisturized with their luscious moisturizer. I banded her hair in 4 sections for about 2 hours so it was slightly stretched out when I started.
  • I took the top two banded ponytails out to begin parting where I wanted the cornrows. In the photo below you can see exactly how I parted the hair, just follow the arrows.
  • Photobucket
  • After parting the section of hair I wanted out, I tied off the rest of the hair to get it out of my way. I added more luscious moisturizer to that section, focusing on the ends, and removed any knots or tangles I felt with my fingers.
  • I began parting hair for cornrowing. I started on the left side of her head, parted my first slanted cornrow. I added Bee Mine Curly Butter to the section, gently brushed with the Denman brush, then started cornrowing.
  • I continued parting the slanted cornrows, adding curly butter to each section, and cornrowing.
  • After I was done cornrowing I started making large box braids. People use different methods when parting box braids. I use several different methods. Most of the time I just go with the flow, however I feel like parting, that's how I part. This time I started in the back. I parted straight across by the nape area. I split that section into three and braided three box braids.
  • After that I went to the left side of her head. I just started parting straight down all the way around her head. So she had one box braid infront of her left ear, then two box braids right by her left ear. I continued parting straight down so as I went around her head the sections for larger so she had three box braids in the next section, etc. You can use your own method when parting box braids. Just start parting out the boxes where ever you want them and it will all come into place.
  • I added some adorable tiny flower jaw clips to her cornrows (review soon!) and that was it.


  • Remove accessories before bed.
  • Moisturize as needed (probably every night or every other night), focus on the ends.
  • Spray braids with Bee Mine Juicy Spirtz every other day.
  • Sleep with satin bonnet.


How is your child wearing their hair this week?


  1. This week I think I am going to try to some kind of different design since we normally doing the same pony tail pattern. Hoping I can get some kind of idea soon lol

  2. Loving A's hairstyle & citrus accessories! Can't wait to read your review on the mini claw clips. I bought some cute glittery claw clips from Walmart (Faded Glory) that were bigger, but they broke way too soon in my girls hair (maybe because they are tomboys, lol).

    I so wish I could cornrow! I do a similiar style for my girls, but with flat twists in the front. The style lasts only a couple of days in the front, but the box braids in back last a week. I end up redoing the flat twists once or twice over the duration of the style depending on how active my girls are with swimming/sports.

    Today they're sporting just about week old box braids in two ponytails. I just made some Toy Story 3 korker bows and they'll wear them with their box braid ponytails today when we go see TS3. I will re-do the bottom of the braids (ends moisturized & re-braided) b4 we head out, and then on Sunday take down their braids, wash n condition, and band dry to do some regular old ponytails b4 I decide what style to have them wear for the 4th of July.

    My just is sporting his curly mohawk, and he's getting the sides trimmed with a design on Tuesday.

  3. That is soo cute!! I love her necklace, Gymboree??? Simara is wearing cornrows this week as well, the top going into a ponytail and the back is just cornrowed down.

  4. That's a style we like around here too, although we usually do loose hair in back. The box braids are cute. We even have the exact same mini claw clips.

  5. thats too cute! Thanks!

    And A's hair is getting really long

  6. That's Cute!

    Alaina has small box braids in her hair.

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this style.... I regularly use mini claw clips sometimes i finish off braids with them rather than using beads.....

  8. One day I hope to cornrow as well as you do. However, right now that seems like a distant dream. LOL! Love all of your styles. This week, my daughter is wearing two-strand twists.

  9. This is really cute! I love all of the different colors.

    I just finished braiding Anisa's hair. She will more than likely have this style for a week or longer.

    @ Christiana - I would love to see the Toy Story 3 bows that you made. I'm sure they're adorable!

  10. Pretty. This is a great simple style for girls and boys but without the accessories for the boys (lol).

    This week my older 3 boys have four to five big braids and Bae Bae have six big box braids. Due to the heat, these boys are rough. Running, jumping, playing in water, swinging/sliding on the swingset and playing basketball in the backyard. I figured, if theres a need to take down hair and do a quick wash, this would be much easier for us all.

  11. Both of A's hairstyles are super cute. Neither of my girls are keen on the knots even though I agree, they are fantabulous. I think the idea to just put a few in (with some accessories) would be 'acceptable' to both. If I can convince Elle (the oldest), Isa (the baby) will follow suit. Once again, thank you for inspiring. Our Denmans arrived today! Thank you

  12. Girl,,, you are awesome. Love the necklace, the hair accessories, the colors. Too cute!

  13. I like this style...A is too cute...I might try this on my little girls.

  14. Cute, and I like the color combo. I have to do my daughter's hair twice every week. Early this week, it was kinky twists, and for her weekend style, I gave her box braids secured with colored silicone bands.

  15. That is so pretty! I love slanted cornrows.

  16. This is a very nice hairstyle, I love it, and the hair accessories add the perfect finished touch!

  17. We loved this one so much that we tried this for our first day of school. It's been a week and Elle is still rocking this style. Yesterday we did the crisscross cornrows with the 4 triangle ponies...I'm sure that's not the name you gave it but it's super cute. Nikki, thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge. My girls and I look forward to perusing your gallery for hairstyle ideas!

  18. I found this site thanks to a friend of mine. And I just want to say "THANK YOU"!!!
    Seriously, I can look at these pictures, & wonderful thought out; how to do it step by step, and make something totally different on my daughter's hair. It's great what your doing =) please keep it up!
    God Bless you,


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