Saturday, February 12, 2011

Frohawks & Twists

Guest blogger, Aisha, shares a quick and simple 'do!

(The pics with the yellow shirt were from the first night)

The Mohawk happened with me just playing around. I'd just finished washing/conditioning her hair with Bee Mine Bee Nourished Ayurvedic Herbal Shampoo Bar and HEHH. I tied a t-shirt around her head to dry it a bit and took it off with the intention of doing a bunch of twists. I got lazy and decided to just put it in a puff. While gathering the hair for the puff I decided to see how it would look in a mohawk. I gathered her hair into three separated ponytails, all secured in the center of her head. The back part of her hair was left down. I grabbed section of hair from the front and did a simple two-strand twist and added 3 wooden beads.
The following day (Saturday) I gathered her hair into 4 separated ponytails. The back section was secured this time. The front ponytail was twisted into several two strand twists to give it a different look.

The next day (Sunday), I moisturized and detangled her hair for a new cornrowed/twisted protective style. Stay tuned for that style!


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