Sunday, February 13, 2011

Part 1: Valentine's Day Hair Share!

I had no idea that so many people would participate in Valentine's Day Hair Share! I am so excited because we haven't had a Hair Share in so long and now we're starting it back up with a bang. I received so many submissions that I had to split them into a Part 1 and Part 2 so check back later for Part 2. Thank you all so much for sharing!

In no particular order...

#1 Shared by Holly:

#2 Shared by Katie:

#3 shared by Melany:

#4 shared by Michelle:

#5 shared by Amber:

#6 shared by Drea (Vday mohawk):

#7 shared by Kourtney:

#8 shared by Maritza:

#9 shared by Kimberly:

#10 shared by Rebecca:

#11 shared by Jo'Nelle:

#12 shared by Cory:

Don't forget to stop by later for Part 2 of Valentine's Day Hair Share!


  1. Wow! I'm in awe - such amazing designs and styles. Great how everyone has taken the one theme and adapted to incopororate their own skill level, creativity, daughter's hair type. Can't wait to see part 2

  2. Beautiful. Great job moms. All the vday hair styles are too cute. Love how mom did a head full of hearts in the first pic.

  3. They're all beautiful! I love #1 that is just too cute, you can never have enough hearts on V-Day!

  4. These are so nice! I wish I could see more of Drea's style. I didn't do any hearts this year. Anisa still has her protective style and it's holding up well.

  5. This is indeed so beautiful...awesome...well done!!

  6. These are all sooo cute, the first one is adorable!! great job everyone!!

  7. Wow! These are awesome!


  8. Such cute & creative styles. Kudos to all the mommy's that put in the work, and the babies for being patient. Gr8 job...

  9. wow great job! their hair turned out so cute!!

  10. Very cute. How does one submit pictures?


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