Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cornrows & Twists - Protective Style Update

Guest blogger, Aisha, shares update pictures of her daughters most recent style. Also, Aisha has a tumblr so feel free to check it out!

1 week update pictures:

Curly twists:

A week and a half update pictures:

The back was rooled up and tucked under. I used bobby pins to secure it. The front was left loose.

This style lasted for 2 weeks.


  1. Adorable styles! Keep up the great work :)


  2. I really like those braids. I'm in the process of changing myself and my daughters hair to all natural.

  3. great job mommy,love the styles,looks like something an adult can war as an updo as well,sometimes I wish I had hair like my kids lol

  4. I'm so glad I came across this blog. Gives me some creative styles ideas to use on my four year old. btw your little girl is precious. keep them styles coming!



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