Monday, November 1, 2010

New Bee Mine Discount Code: NOVBBB + Halloween Pics!

I wanted to let you all know that we have yet another new Bee Mine Products discount code effective November 1st good for the entire month of November! :)

To receive 10% your Bee Mine Products purchase ($15 min.) use Beads, Braids & Beyond reader discount code:


I also wanted to share a picture of A in her costume. The one I got of A and Lil Man together was way too bright so I will refrain from posting that, lol.


Thanks to those of you who tagged Halloween pictures on our Facebook page. All of the children looked so adorable! I would love for you all to send your Halloween pictures in so I can post them on the blog. Subject: Halloween, send your name, your childs name and a breif description of the picture (costume, hair, etc.)
Thank you! :)


  1. A looks so cute. She's such a little lady. That is a fabulous costume! I'm sure Lil' Man looked super cute too.

  2. she is so adorable...luv the costume!

  3. I luv her costume! Her braids look so cute and go well with that hat.

  4. Oh my goodness! She looks lovely! My girls will love this one. x

  5. I love A's costume...very cute!

  6. Hi, my 5 year old daughter has long curly thick hair. I find myself clipping snags out everyday when it is free. I have recently tried adding the shea butter mix with coconut oil to our daily routine. It concerns me that she might loose a ton of hair. Any suggestions on how to strengthen her ends? We shampoo and condition every 2 weeks.

  7. Just stumbled across your website and I have been truly inspired! My little girl is biracial and has tight curls and a full head of hair... She's 23 months and it's taken me all this time to get used to the needs of her hair, and I'm learning more and more everyday. Your blog has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities, thanks!


  8. Awesome costume! And, those cheeks are so pinchable!


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