Friday, July 2, 2010

Bee Mine 20% Off 4th of July Sale + National Afro Day

Bee Mine Products is having a 4th of July sale on July 3rd only.

Receive 20% off when you spend $20 or more

Discount Code: BBBFRO

Also, if you haven't heard, 4th of July is National Afro Day/Afro Independence Day. All the naturals are going to be rockin' their fro's! We won't be getting in on the fun this year because A is going to be playing at the park all day (family reunion) with her cousins so it will probably be too hot for her to rock the fro but I look forward to seeing pictures!

Check out Tia of Her Best Hair preparing for Afro Independence Day.

I hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!


  1. what a great savings....
    I'll deffinatley have to read up on Afro independence Day as well...
    Thanks oxoxoxxo

  2. Afro Independence Day. Now that is cool. My little lady is coming up on wash and condition day, so perhaps we'll get in on the Afro action =)

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  4. OMG seriously??? I just bought $80 worth without any discount lol...I'm too salty right now

  5. I am trying not to buy anything until I am done with the samples. I want to make sure that it works well for my daughter and I only used it once so far. This site makes it so hard. LOL.

  6. Man, how did I miss this post, I wanted to try out some more products and I missed out on the discount. This holiday has me so busy I couldn't get to the computer.


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