Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Faded Glory Elastic Ponytail Holders

Her first bike ride!

Faded Glory Elastic Ponytail Holders

Price: $2.50 per pack (of 50) at Walmart

Review: As you all know, I absolutely love the Goody Ouchless ponytail holders I bought (similar to these) 7 months ago. I need some more so I headed back to Walmart to get some, unfortunately they were out of the Goody ones that I use so I picked up some Faded Glory ones that were very similar to the ones I loved. Well I was able to use these when I banded A's hair for one day prior to do her protective style and they work great! They don't stretch as much as the Goody Ones but they still have a nice stretch, are easy on the hair, and caused absolutley no breakage. I definitely recommend these. The Goody ones have lasted me 7 months and are still going strong so we'll see how these ones hold up.

Faded Glory Brand:

Goody Ouchless Brand: (the ones on the left)


  1. I use these myself and they are pretty good.

  2. I think I'm going to use your idea on banding. I've only tried to blow dry my daughter's hair a few times now to stretch it out, and I really don't think it agrees with her hair..feels so dry afterward.

  3. I see A doing her thing riding her bike in Disney style (helmet, shirt & bike)...tooo cute.

    That's a good price and they cause no breakage... Ok I have to pick him up some all black ones. You may get the same or more for a cheapie brand but they cause breakage.

    Thanks Nikki

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  5. I like them, they seem to hold good, and they last too.

  6. i have not heard of this brand before will have to look into it.. thank you.

  7. i was just going back through your styles and came across this pic of A on her bike what size is her bike.. im looking to get Amirah a bike for her birthday however im not sure what sizing to go to.. she is so big for her age but then i dont' want to ruin her confidence and put her on one she is scared of..

  8. Glad you posted this! I've been using the wrong thing to band Pooh's hair.


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