Saturday, October 22, 2011

Loosely Banded Ponytails

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A's hair was banded overnight in 6 sections using Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer (use our reader discount code: BBBFALL for 10% off your purchase) and unrefined coconut oil. I removed the bands in the morning, parted her hair straight down the middle and placed her hair in two low ponytails. I then loosely banded each ponytail and braided the ends. I will hopefully be styling her hair tomorrow so make sure you stop by! :)

Outfit: Gap during their 50% off sale items in-store only sale.

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  1. do you know how amazing your daughter's hair is? If i saw a little girl rocking such an awesome style I'd freak lol! Her hairstyle looks so awesome

  2. Great job!! She is so cute and her hair looks awesome. I love her little outfit too.

  3. have you ever cut or trimmed A's hair? and do you think that its necessary to make hair grow/healthy?


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