Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mini Twists Tutorial by KinkyKurlyQueen + A Look Back At A's Mini Twists

Awesome mini twists tutorial by KinkyKurlyQueen! She was the inspiration behind A's mini twists earlier this year and this video definitely makes me want to do them again! Watch until the end of the video to see her with her ADORABLE daughter!

KinkyKurlyQueen writes:

The key to not ending up with a "scalpy" twist set is to part on an angle. It also helps to know where you hair is thicker and where it is thinner. In the thick spots you can cheat and twists a little bigger, because it's more hair in that area. In the thin spots twists smaller to fill the gaps.
Quick Answers...
• I do NOT wash my all.
• Yes, its all mine :)
• The less product you use the less build up you'll have.
• I'll be keeping these in for at least 4 weeks.
• No matter what anyone says, your twists will shrink. Maybe a little maybe a lot, but they will shrink.
• Watch how I take my twists down here...

A look back at Miss A's mini twists (loved them)...

Mini twists more info

Curled with curlformers post + video

Fishtail on mini twists

Mini twist update

Half up, half down mini twists

Mini twists twisted back/ 21 day update

Day 26 update

and finally, mini twist take down (video).

Make sure you stop by KinkyKurlyQueen's youtube and subscribe! :)


  1. I love these looks, the fishtail is my favorite. I'm going to have to try it when I have some free time.

  2. Love everything on this website it is so helpful : )

  3. I loved her mini twists! I just had mini twists in my hair about 3 weeks ago *trying to fight the temptation to put some more back in* lol

  4. Gurl. I MEAN I tried, but could not put those bad boys in that small on BBH. But trust, I will by next summer when she's a bit older and can hang w/me. Those twists are so stankin cute and soooo versatile!!!! LOVES!

  5. These looked amazing, I love them and all the ways you switched them up!

  6. I am so totally planning on doing this on me and my daughter. It is perfect for the both of us.

  7. Miss A's hair is tooo cute and her dressing style is adorable. So trendy.

  8. im sooo jealous she has such beautiful thick hair so gald my mom taking way better care of my hair


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