Monday, January 10, 2011

Box Braids and Cornrows

Another gorgeous style from Guest Blogger, Aisha and her beautiful daughter, Anisa!

  • Day 1: I made two cornrows in the front on each side and cornrows in the back. She has two ponytails on each side of her head in the front and a big ponytail in the back (center).
  • I added curl formers to the cornrows and the big ponytail in the back.
  • I tucked the big ponytail under to make a bun for school.
  • Later on Day 2: I added small box braids to the section where the big ponytail was.
  • I love how they turned out.
  • Once again I added the curl formers. I also added another cornrow in the front on each side.
  • Day 3: Curls!!! I love it!! But it's still not complete!
  • Later on Day 3: I added small box braids in the front where the two ponytails were. The style is almost complete!!!!
  • Curlformers on Day 3

The results:

Note: I used my own mixture of shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and castor oil while braiding her hair. Anisa will have this style for as long as it looks good! I will moisturize daily and make adjustments/touch-ups as needed.


  1. I love this style. I have got to get a set of Curl Formers :-)

  2. Love it! You do excellent box braids :)

  3. This is my fave style, its so so awesome!

  4. OMG! This hairstyle is so beautiful & creative.

  5. Beautiful!!! Love the box braids.

  6. What a great style! The braids are so clean and well done that I thought that they were extensions! What texture of hair does Anisa have? I'm wondering if Aisha has any tips on how she gets the braids looking so good.

    Thanks for posting the great ideas!

  7. Thanks everyone!
    @Proudmama - I'm not really into hair types. Please take a look at a few of her other pictures, particularly her Diva Spotlight. It shows her hair when it's still wet. As far as the box braids- I think it's all about the neatness of the parts and the product(s) that you use. It also helps if the hair is stretched and properly detangled. And last but not least, take your time! It took several days to complete this style. If both of you are tired or if you feel rushed, it will show! About the extensions- I get that question a lot while out in public. I'm used to it now lol! I just reply by saying nope it's all hers. 100% Natural!!

  8. @JazBNatural- Her hair was not flat ironed. It was stretched from wearing ponytails.

  9. nice style, I have to try it one day. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for sharing your hairstyles they are creative and very inspirational. I am giving cornrowing another shot because of the nice hairstyles featured here and it just makes sense for long term protective styling. I tried making your hair mixture and I like it, but can you tell me exactly how much of each item you use when making yours, so I can get the best long last results. I made the mix using equal parts Shea butter and coconut oil, and a little castor oil and vitamin E, which I love that it doesn't need to be refridgerated! Also what do you use besides water to keep Anisa's braids moisturizered throughout the week? Thank you for your help !!!

  11. Hi Nadia! I'm glad that you are enjoying the styles that have been featured. I definitely appreciate having the opportunity to show what I love to do!
    About the mixture- it's actually something I made for my 1 year old son. I wasn't sure what to use on his hair since he's so young. I ended up mixing the ingredients together and his hair loved it!! When I make it I only make a small amount. There's no particular reason why though. I always have the ingredients readily available so it's not a hassle to make more. The ingredient that I use the most is shea butter. It's basically 4 parts shea butter, 2-3 parts coconut oil, and 1 part castor/vitamin E. I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!! :-)

  12. I am in awe of this style. Kudos! Those are some of the neatest and shiniest box braids I've seen. I've no doubt this style will last a long time. Taking notes for this weekend's hair session :)

  13. I so love this style...your styles are always creative and neat....I'm taking notes for this upcoming weeks "hair day"....thanks again.

  14. I love this style, but I was wondering what you use to moisturize her hair daily while in this style. My hair texture of hair get fuzzy easily, so I was wondering what I could use to prevent this from happening, and still keep her style in for more than a few days.

  15. that is so cute! i wish i had the patience to do my own hair in small box braids.


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