Monday, August 8, 2011

3 Cornrowed Ponytails Update

A's three cornrowed ponytails style has been in for a week now and between soccer practice and swimming the cornrows have gotten quite fuzzy. I switched the style up a little bit on Saturday (below) by grabbing the top section and braiding it down then placing all of the braids in to one ponytail. Today I decided to go ahead and start taking some of the braids out so I removed all the braids from the 2 ponytails in the back but left the cornrows in. Once again, I braided the top section straight down the middle but this time I split it in two and tied them off with a cute ponytail holder. I wanted the two strand twists to have texture so I didn't brush the hair out, I left the braid-out pattern there, added a little Bee Mine Curly Butter, twisted and I was all done! I may go ahead and take the rest of the style down tonight after soccer practice. Stay tuned...


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