Monday, August 29, 2011

Diva Spotlight: "Diva"

Tell us a little about yourself & your daughter:
My name is Tiffany wife and mother of two, and the diva is a 7 year old dancing machine who competes in Jazz dance competitions. I believe her hair type is a mix between 3c/4a

Tell us about your blog ( and what inspired you to create it:
I created my blog because when I first became interested in hair care I couldn't find any blogs that catered to african american children's hairstyles. I found a lot of biracial blogs and caucasion blogs which I love and still find info and styles on but nothing that catered to my daughter's hair type. So I decided to create my own and share our successes and failures and then the blog branched off to include my other interest such as fashion, beauty, and DIY crafts.

What is your daughter's hair care routine?
  • I moisturize the diva's hair with my homemade Leave-In Conditioner Mix (distilled water, VO5 conditioner, EVOO) or with Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Spray and I seal with Darcy's Botanical Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Natural Hair Conditioning Oil or African Royale Hot Six Oil
  • She sleeps with a satin bonnet

  • I wash the diva's hair once a week using Proclaim Olive Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner
  • I detangle her hair while the conditioner is in using a wide tooth comb
  • I band her hair after every wash in four sections

  • I clarify her hair once a month using Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo
  • Deep Condition using Komaza Care Olive Moisture Mask with a plastic cap for an hour
  • Hot Oil Treatment using African Royale Hot Six Oil
  • I dust her ends very 8 weeks

What kind of products do you use on her hair?
I use Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter, Eco Style Olive Oil Gel, Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner, Carol's Daughter Hair Milk, Homemade Leave in Conditioner Mix

Have you ever used chemicals on her hair?
No I have never used chemical's on the diva's hair and I never plan too. When she gets to older I will teach her how to properly care for her natural hair and the pro's and con's of everything so she can make an informed decision on her own.

Can we see a few of your favorite styles?
But of course :)

How did you learn to do all of this?
I learned all that I know from various blogs and my mom, I learned about banding from you!

How does your daughter feel about her hair? Can we see her favorite style?
She loves her hair, she did go through a phase when she wanted straight hair like the other girls at school but I have been teaching her that her hair is beautiful and this is how God wanted you to be. I also show her various pics of curly haired cuties and now she said she wants curly hair like them, I call it a success :)

If you had to share one hair care tip, what would it be?
My hair care tip would be to use a T-Shirt to remove excess water from your curls don't use a regular towel as it will cause frizzing.

Please make sure you stop by and check out their blog, Diva Locks!


  1. Thank you for an amazing spotlight! I can't wait to show the diva when I get home tonight :)

  2. Wth? How did I miss this?!! Love it Diva Locks! You know I'm all about the ribbons!

  3. Cute little girl! Thanks for sharing her hairstyles.

  4. Do you straighten her hair before styling it?


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