Saturday, August 13, 2011

5 Flat Twists with Braid out

Miss A had her soccer pictures today so I wanted to do a quick but cute down style. I decided to incorporate a few flat twists going to the side in the front with a braid out. First, I parted a square on the top and sections that off. I grabbed large sections with my fingers, wet the hair then applied some Oyin Whipped Pudding, brushed through with a Denman D4 brush and braided. I did this until she had 5 braided sections. When I got to the top section I parted off in the beginning, I used a pintail comb to make straight parts going to the left, I added a little Oyin Whipped Pudding and flat twisted 5 sections until I was done. Flat twists are pretty basic, just part a small section of hair in the front, split it in two and begin twisting each section around once or twice, you will then start picking up a little bit of hair and adding it into each section, twisting around one another the entire time. I tied each flat twist off with a rubberband to make sure it stayed put overnight. Her braid out was a lot more defined when I first took the braids out but after running around outside it got a little poofy. Still very cute. Perfect picture hair, back to school style, etc.


  1. Very cute!! Do you like the whipped pudding?

  2. I am always a fan of A's hair. Her Braid Out is perfect. She looks so cute in her uniform.


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