Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Original Headband Holder Review!

I received a couple of headband holders to review a few weeks ago and I have been holding my excitement in since! I absolutely love the "original headband holder" and I'll tell you why!

First, let me tell you a little about the company via their website:

"On a trip to Colorado in 2009, our whole family was discussing different ideas that would make life a little simpler. With three young daughters (all who wear headbands) we discussed the challenges of storing and more importantly, FINDING headbands. My daughters often would wear the exact same few headbands even though we have over 50 to choose from! All of our headbands were stuck under the bathroom sink in a big bin, making a huge mess than nobody ever wanted to go through. My husband came up with this design, and had a prototype made. Immediately we knew we were onto something! That little journey has lead us to creating the Original Headband Hanger, which we also branded the Ultimate Headband Holder! In 2011 "Heidi's House" was born, and our company has slowly started to grow!"

The headband holders we received came in great packaging. Installation was a SNAP! I must admit, I was a little cautious of these because I seem to have a hard time following even the most basic instructions. I couldn't wait to try them out so I chose a spot for one of the headband holders (back of door), cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol (as instructed) and waited an hour or so. After an hour I removed the tabs on the command tape and placed the headband holder on the back of the door, I firmly held it down for a couple of minutes and that was it! Um, what was I worried about again? Easy peasy! We waited another hour before placing the headbands. See picture below.

She loved putting her headbands on!

We both LOVE it!! A could not wait to install the pink headband holder so we installed it the same way that same night. I kind of wanted to try something different so I chose to place this headband holder vertically on the window frame. Here's where I really switched it up, since all of A's headbands were hung on the other headband holder, why not try to hang her sunglasses? I have been looking for sunglasses storage for the longest. See picture below.

It worked out beautifully! I will be taking them down though because her headband collection just keeps growing so I will fill this one with headbands and order some more for sunglasses and headbands. I know you are probably wondering if the headbands will hang vertically or will they fall off? See picture below.

Yep, it works that way too!

The pros:
  • This headband holder does not stretch out headbands and ruin them.
  • It's very affordable. Prices start at $10.
  • They offer different sizes. I believe they start from 12 inches and go up to 24 inches.
  • EASY INSTALLATION! Need I say more?
  • They offer different colors and designs. I love the zebra print!
  • Fast shipping and great packaging.
  • Use it for headbands or you can be like us and use it for headbands and sunglasses! :) Gotta love options!
  • Easy to use! My daughter actually hangs the headbands up when she takes them off and doesn't just throw them down!
The cons:
  • What cons?!
Take a look at some of their new designs:

You have so many options with this headband holder. I like accessories to be visible but if you're the type who likes them to be hidden away, no worries! Check out their website to see how these fit perfectly inside cabinets, on the side of dressers, etc. You can also decorate a plain headband holder with fun stickers for your own design. I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the near future.

If you would like to purchase the headband holder or learn more, please click here for their website!

Disclosure: The product(s) were sent to me free of charge from the company or PR agency for the purpose of this review. My opinions are my own and are not influenced by any other part. 


  1. INTeresting! Love brainchild ideas like this on a whim!

  2. These are super cute! We don't have alot of headbands but thses will definitely inspire me to buy more!

  3. I really just need to invent something!! That is really great and adorable!


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