Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Picture of the Day: Ming Lee Simmons Rockin' A Braid-out

I saw these pictures over at Naturally Beautiful Hair and wanted to share them here! Ming Lee appears to be rockin' a cute braid-out in pigtails when she met President Barack Obama. Beautiful family. I wonder if they read Beads, Braids & Beyond? I doubt it but that sure would be cool! I would love to hear about their routine and what products Kimora's girls use.

Braids in:

Braids out:

You can view more photos here!


  1. ask her on Twitter @officialkimora.. she responds to fans that y she is soo fabulous.. tell her @Klsgr81 sent you #teamfabulosity...

  2. Such a beautiful family they are! And her braid-out looks awesome!

  3. I have always wondered what she uses in their hair, both girls have gorgeous hair and I love that she embraces their natural hair, even with the little boy as well. Let us know if you find out what she uses. :-)


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