Monday, January 17, 2011

Cornrows, Twists & Beads

  • As always, start with (properly) detangled hair. :)
  • I first parted her hair from ear to ear and tied the back section off. I moved back to the top section and parted a square in the middle. I tied off the section on each side of the square and got started.
  • I began parting hair out of the square to cornrow. I started in the front and stopped at the end of the cornrow, leaving the rest of the hair free. I moved on and cornrowed another section. I now had 2 sections cornrowed, I took those two sections and tied them together with a white rubberband (previously soaked in coconut oil). After tying them together I began twisting them. I did sister twists, otherwise known as rope twists. To create a sister twist, you just turn one section of hair clockwise and the other counter clockwise, then you begin twisting them around one another, continuing to twist them in opposite directions. I rolled the ends of the twists in my fingers and proceeded to add beads with a beader. I tied the ends with a black rubberband (soaked in coconut oil) and moved on to my next section. She had a total of 6 cornrows in the middle square, all tied together to create one twist, so she had 3 twists.
  • After finishing up the middle section, I moved on to the right side of her hair. I cornrowed 4 braids straight back and tied every 2 cornrows together to create the twist, just like in the middle section. I repeated this process on the left side.
  • After cornrowing, twisting and beading the top half of her hair, I moved to the back. I started at the nap of her neck and began parting large squares, I tied them off with white rubberbands and twisted them up, using them same sister twist method. I did this to the back of her entire head.

Note: This style took 1-1.5 hours and lasted just over 1 week. I used the usual, Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer and Curly Butter.

"The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important." — Martin Luther King Jr.


  1. I am so going to try this style on my daughters hair tonight! I am not as good of a braider as you, but i'mgoing to try! Thanks!

  2. Oh mine, this style is fresh! Good work mum!

  3. This is really pretty. I love how the white rubberbands change up the look.

  4. Fly style! Loving the quote! Do you use the Shea Butter & Coconut Oil still or strictly the BeeMine products?

  5. I am going to do this style for the week. I was going to pratice the heart style but I would rather someting like this instead. Keep up the EXCELLENT work. I am always inspired.

  6. You inspire me girl! I plan on trying each and every style you have on your site! You are so creative. I love love love your blog and FB page! Keep up the great work!


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