Friday, January 28, 2011

Style Inspiration: Willow Smith - Zig Zags & Cornrows

Check out these photos of Willow's new 'do. She was on the set of her new video, "21st Century Girl".

Aside from the very long, colorful extensions, I really like it! I think we will be trying it in the near future.

Her friend also has a cute but simple style I'd like to try (pictured below).

Edited to add: Remind me to stop making posts near midnight! I'm over here calling Willow her mothers name, Jada. haha


  1. OoOooo i cant wait to see your interpretation of this style :] oh and Willows friend is Simrin Player she is an amazing dancer. she has videos on youtube

  2. I cant wait for you design of this hair style.. I hope your blog is around when I have kids. Because it's preparing me for the futures years down the line. Thanks

  3. Willow is so cute! My daughter loves her song Whip My Hair lol. I'll be watching for the style :)



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