Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Q.O.T.W: Do you have any ideas for crazy hair day at school?


A has "crazy hair day" tomorrow at school for spirit week. So...

Do you have any sugggestions/ideas for crazy hair day at school?

I probably should have asked this a few days ago. Now I'm on a time limit to come up with something!


  1. maybe two pigtails with one high and one low.

  2. How about braiding or twisting her hair and then banding it so that it sticks straight up, Coolio style?

  3. Hey Nik,

    Would you be comfortable buying different colored spray bottles. And maybe do twists in her hair and when u take them out in the morning you could spray each twist out a different color, rotate the colors?

    if not, is Pippi Longstucking's hairstyle considered crazy? with 2 braids going up the sides?

    hmm. sorry if this isn't helping.

  4. Do a beehive and have pieces of hair stickin out or if you have any bug or bee barrettes stick them all over in a crazy way!

  5. Pipe cleaners are a great way to make the hair stick out! Braids in all directions all over could be cute. If you wrapped the pipe cleaner around a braid, you could undo it that night. ;) Good luck!

  6. For crazy hair at Church camp we took 3 cups and put them in the middle of our head and wrapped hair around each cup and tied/ponytailed the hair at the top of cup. It looked like she had three cones with hair coming out the top!!! She won first place with the was great and a lot of fun!!!

  7. Yeah, I was thinking pipe cleaners as well - so you can have her hair sticking out in all kinds of different directions.


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