Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Half Cornrows With Two Buns


Please excuse the sun rays in this photo.
A wore her hair in the half cornrows braid around sock bun style for her birthday weekend (birthday post soon!).

Today I decided to switch the style up a bit. I split the part of her hair straight down the middle, used a little Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer to smooth down the hair and placed each section in a ponytail. I then took each ponytail and did a simple two strand twist. I wrapped the two strand twisted ponytail around the ponytail holder and used 3 bobbypins to hold each bun in place. Although her cornrows were several days old I thought the style turned out super cute and it will definitely be a quick go to style from now on! :)


  1. That is lovely...A looks so mature now! It's amazing how quick these little ones grow into little women. Another great style by you two. :)

  2. I like this style. I think I'll try it today on my little one.

  3. This is cute. I agree with Crystal, she is looking like such a big girl!

  4. I'm totally in love with your site! A friend posted it on Facebook and I've been hooked ever since. Your designs are inspiring me to try new things with my daughter. In fact I just mentioned your site in my (very basic) hair blog and showed the heart-shaped hairstyle I tried on my daughter. Thank you for all you do!

  5. Very cute style. Love the shirt. A is looking like a big girl...awwwww

  6. I like this style. Cant wait for the bday pics


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