Monday, May 10, 2010

Natural Box Braids


For A's next protective style I decided to do small/medium box braids. I plan on leaving this style in for at least 2 weeks but I may push for a little longer.

This style took about 2 1/2 hours. We took a lunch break inbetween and I made sure to have toys and a coloring book on hand for her. We also talked during our hair time.


Get the look:
  • We washed A's scalp with Bee Mine Peppermint & Tea Tree Nourishing Shampoo while her twists were in, we then conditioned her twists with Bee Mine Avoacado Cream Balanced Conditioner, removed sister twists while the conditioner was in, then covered hair with a plastic cap for about 1 hour. Finger detangled her hair then used a wide tooth comb and rinsed after the hour was up.
  • After rinsing the conditioner, I applied Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer to sections of A's hair and banded it up for one day to stretch it a little for the next style. As shown here.
  • After banding hair for a day, take the ponytail holders out and start parting small/medium boxes from the nape (back of the neck) with the end of metal rat tail comb.
  • Applied Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer and Bee Hold Curly Butter to each section of hair, gently detangle that section of hair, and start braiding. When you get about 1/2 inch from the ends you can start doing a two strand twist.
  • Continue parting your boxes all over the scalp and braid until you're done.
  • After completing the style I rubbed a little Bee Loved Hair & Scalp Moisturizer which added extra moisture to her braids and really clumped her ends together nicely. They looked shiny and smooth!

Tip: Make sure you braid in the direction you want your braids to go. You can see I braided from ear to ear straight back and the each side of her hair to the left and right. If you want your top section all going to the side (left or right) then braid in that direction. If you want all of your braids going straight back, then braid in that direction.

Tip: Keep your fingers right under the braid as you continue to braid down. This will smooth down any uneven hairs that may try to stick out of the braid. You don't want to have a huge gap between the braid and where your fingers are. Also try sitting very close to your child, you do not want to pull the braid far away from them which will cause tugging on the scalp.


I planned on doing a brick pattern but the boxes ended up ontop of each other anyway!


How we will maintain this style:

Please understand that you cannot leave hair in braids without doing anything to it. Braids will become dry so you need a moisturizer, braid spray or leave-in to apply to the braids. Care for the hair as you normally would!

Box braids are very versatile, I am going to give you a few different styling ideas:
  • Curl the box braids. As seen here.
  • Do ponytails. 2 pigtails, 1 ponytail, 4 ponytails, etc.
  • 1-2 big french braids with the box braids.
  • 2 Pigtails, do a big braid with each pigtail
  • Do big braids all over with the box braids, take them out in the morning for a krinkly look
  • Add beads/barrettes to the ends
  • Leave about two inches of hair out of each braids, wet the hair, apply a cream and let the natural curl come through
  • Cornrow top, box braids in the back
  • Of course different bows/headbands always make a style look cute and different!


  1. This is what I am going to do to my daughter's hair...I love this style!

  2. This is such a great style. I was contemplating twists (like the ones A just had). We might try the braids instead. Thanks for sharing your maintenance routine.

  3. Gorgeous! Has been one of my favorite styles to do on my daughter since she was about one (now five).

  4. Very cute. I love these too because you can change the style in many ways. I usually give him 2 to 3 ponytails or braid his hair back and some people mistake his box braids for dreds.

    Great job.

  5. I love box braids!! They are so simple and you can dress them up in various ways

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  7. Fabulous !
    I was thinking to do this style with cornrows on the front on my daugther and let in for 2 weeks. Finally, I will do box braids like you ! I love these. Thank you for sharing the maintenance routine too !

  8. Box braids are cool! Love the big bow. "A" sure loves to swing her hair!!! Used to do many box braids on my daughters' hair a couple years back. But, as their hair got super long (and they're plagued with thin and fine strands from their dad's side) I stopped and opted for the bigger variety, like no more than 10 box braids. Do you think you'll still box braid A's hair when it gets pass her knees in length?

  9. Wow I always just left braids in and did nothing to them. I can't afford to buy all these different types of product, especially when one product alone costs about $7...

  10. @Hillary, you certainly don't have to use the products I used. I have a post on from when I did a few side cornrows with box braids and I used drugstore products. It's definitely not good to just leave the hair in braids and do nothing to them though.

  11. How do you keep her braids down, I want my mom to use only my real hair to braid ( were in the process of growing it out again,it's almost shoulder length). I always wanted to do single natural braids, but they always fly up! So, we always do cornrows. Also, how do you get her braidouts like that, when we do mine it looks bad. And if the just for me textureizer is bad, what do you use then?

    Alexis, age:12

  12. I love it im only 11 but i go on this site at least 2 times everyday i love her hail!!! And hi!


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