Saturday, May 15, 2010

So OVER Photobucket!

Bandwidth exceeded, once again.

Yes it's my fault for uploading so many pictures and not wanting to pay the $25 upgrade fee. lol But I am so over Photobucket! I will be using the Blogger feature from here on out. I didn't want to use it because it seems to distort all of the pictures but I *think* it's fixed now.

So basically, if you take a look at the Style Gallery you will see that it is EMPTY! Yes, we went from hundreds of styles to none. lol It wasn't done anyway so I'm not too upset. I will be fixing it all shortly. In the mean time, I will start reposting all of the older styles so I can link them from the pictures I post in the style gallery. Once I have it all fixed it will take you directly to the tutorial with more pictures.

Also, if you had my button on your page/blog/website then it probably got a message saying Bandwith exceeded (thanks photobucket!) I have fixed the codes so if you can be a dear and fix it on your page/blog/website that would be great.

I appreciate your patience! :)

Thanks everyone,


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  2. Frustrating!
    I am sure you will have tons of styles again in no time!

  3. Nikki-
    Hi. We don't actually know each other...only from the blogging world. I wanted to tell you I love the fact that you are embracing your childs beautiful NATURAL hair. I watched an episode of Tyra today and there were mothers on that show telling their children that their hair was nappy and ugly and even a lady who relaxes her 3 year old daughters hair. These young girls were led to believe that if they had "good hair" or "white people hair" people would like them better or take them more seriously. One 6 year old girl was even taught that they looked lower class because her hair was nappy! I cried and cried when I saw these young girls reactions and what they had been taught. It really made me feel bad that these mothers were not making their daughters feel more beautiful and good about themselves for who they were and embrace that. Your daughter is beautiful! I commend you for helping her love HER! No little girl should be told these ugly things. All hair is beautiful. I am glad that their is a blog like yours for women to help their little girls embrace their individuality and natural beauty.


  4. Callie,

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.

    I believe I saw the episode you are speaking of. I was close to tears myself. Unfortunately, I believe those mother's were raised with the "good/bad hair mentality", so they pass it on to their children, who then pass it on to their children, and it's just a vicious cycle. Until someone stops it of course. I hope that when they went home and watched that episode they saw what they were really doing to their daughter's self esteem and I truly hope they are all working to reverse the damage that has been done.

    I'm glad all of us (hair bloggers) can come together and celebrate our daughters hair, but also appreciate other types of hair. I know your daughter doesn't have hair like my daughter, but you still check out our blog. I can tell you celebrate every hair type and we can all help spread the word that all healthy hair is good hair.

    I know I commented on your blog a few months ago but I love it. You are very creative and your daughter is so pretty. :)

  5. @ SugarandSpice, I'm with u girl.
    Good luck Nikki

  6. Wow. So they charge now...I guess I haven't been to that site in a long time.
    Good luck and I can't wait to see the gallery.


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