Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cornrows & Pompadour - Natural "Rocker" Hair

She asked for it and she got it! "Rockstar hair!"

This is just a recycled style from the Natural Hair Updo. Her hair got a little wet from her bath so I took the top section and placed it in a loose ponytail. I pushed the ponytail up a little to create a small hump (pompadour) and pinned the hair with a couple of bobby pins so it stayed in place. Very simple and fun style!


  1. I love this hairstyle! Can you also post at the bottom of her pictures where her outfits are from? If that's not too much to ask. That outfit is freaking adorable I want to wear it!

  2. you're daughter is so pretty! i love how you emphasize all the things "Natural" on her! that's what makes her stand out and pretty!!


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