Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mini Twists: 12 Day Update

I have been getting some requests to do an update so here we go. :)

A's mini twists have been in for 12 days now. They are a frizzer than I would like but I blame that on her getting her hair soaking wet in the tub almost every day, lol. What can you do? Kids will be kids, right? I also haven't been having her sleep with a satin bonnet. I haven't been doing much to her twists. I've rubbed some coconut oil on her twists a couple of times.

In these 12 day update pictures, I braided her wet twists with Blended Cutie Down & Out Styles. As you can see from the picture below, she had about 7 sections braided. I left them in overnight and took them out in the morning for the crinkly look. I think I was a little too heavy handed with the Blended Cutie because there is a slight crunch.

So far I've had to redo 6 twists total. 3 in the front near the hair line because the hair at the roots was really loose and 3 in the back nape area because they all tangled together, it was easy to remove the tangles though. I'll have to watch her nape area from now on though.

A is still loving her twists. She has actually been practicing twists on her hair so she has been twisting the twists around each other, lol.

I don't know if the twists will last 3 weeks. We'll see! Keep checking back for updates.


  1. Thanks for teh update! They look great! That so cute that she's been twisting the twists :)

  2. Looks so pretty!


  3. These are so cute and they are still holding up very well. Good Job Mama!

  4. Wow!!! It looks great. Can you come do my daughter's hair? :)

  5. They still look great!! Can't see the frizz at all.

  6. Beautiful! You have me itching to try this in my daughters hair...just scared that her hair might tangle like my hair does in the micro sized twists.

  7. Hi, i'm a college student and have been trying new natural styles on my curly multiracial hair. This style is beautiful on ur little daughter, but I find it'll work for me too, and im 20! lol thanks :)


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