Wednesday, March 16, 2011

African Hair Threading

Guest Blogger, Aisha, shares her experience with African Hair Threading.

  • I first learned about hair threading from my friend, B, who is from Ghana. She uses this method to stretch her daughter's hair. I always said that it looked to difficult but after seeing several of her styles as well as Nadine's wonderful videos (GirlsLoveYourCurls) I decided to give it a try. I started with clean, detangled, moisturizer hair. Her hair was still wet when I started. Check out her shrinkage!!! I used regular weave thread that was purchased at Sally's for a little over $1. I started by making a knot at the end of the string. Next, I carefully wound the thread around her hair as if I was making a ponytail. Once the base was secure, I continued to move down the remaining portion of that section. I chose to space out the loops while threading her hair because I did not want her hair to be tightly bound. The closer you wrap the thread, the stiffer the braids will be. Threads that are done in this fashion allow for more of a sculptural type style.
  • Three braids are done in the back! I had to wrap the thread tightly around the section of her hair that was cut because that portion was sticking out. I've had to be very creative with that section of her hair ever since she cut it.
  • Two rows in the back are done. The white stuff that you see is from the Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer. I guess I was a bit heavy handed with it.
  • I braided the back together but I changed it once I was completely done.

The results!!! I continued to thread her hair all over, making various parts. I didn't take a picture before I made the ponytails. Sorry!

Check back later to see the style Aisha did after stretching Anisa's hair with the African Threading technique.


  1. Awesome!! If u need a stretch without heat for type 4 hair, this is the best way and its cute too!

  2. Yup, it sure works good! Thnx to B for showing me this. Very cute style Aisha,love it! My youngest cut her hair a while back too :(

  3. Nice! I was reading about this the other day (and watched those vids) and while I was watching on youtube Q came up and practically Begged me to do it to her hair! LOL I have yet to post pictures, but I will soon! lol I just wrapped her current style that time, but I would love to try it for "real" one of these days....!!

  4. Very cute. Mothers should be careful when trying this style on your daughters. I am Nigerian and I had this style on as a child. It can be very painful!! I was very understanding as a child so I'd keep silent and stay wake all through the night(feeling very uncomfortable) so that I don't hurt my aunts feelings. Make sure you don't hold unto the roots too tightly and if you notice your daughter is looking funny or holding her head awkwardly take it down.

  5. it's crazy how much shrinkage curly hair kiddos have! i've seen multiple videos showing how to do it. here lately it seems to be everyone is trying this for stretching instead of heat. such a great alternative! i'm looking forward to seeing the update.

    as i was looking my daughter screamed out "she's watching bubble guppies!!!" =)

  6. WOW! Her hair looks really nice.

  7. Thank you! @Shay- she loves that show!!! Lol!!

  8. awesome! I'm like Natmane also Nigerian and hair threading was a staple when I was growing up.

    The tendency then was to start training the hair early once they could hold the hair in a tiny pinch! (That's how short the hair would be). It came out like tiny spikes and was left in all week and taken down at the weekend washed and put in again.

    As a result, I truly can't remember my hair curling/coiling up much at all. It was done so often (very rarely out of the threads) for years on end that the hair got trained I presume.

    Natmane is also right that one has to be careful about making it too tight. I had my fair share of pain and they would have to take them out after going through the trouble of putting in a style made up of lots of tiny ones.


  9. Wow I love the first pic showing the one pony done you can see how great it stretches the hair!! Great job.

  10. I've been interested in this after seeing a few videos recently, however how do you (anyone can answer) compare this to simply banding the hair? Is this method any better? I've been blow drying my daughter's hair over the winter (first time trying this out, about once every 4-5 weeks) but that will end now since she swims March - October.

  11. this is genius! Definitely on my most try list. Thx for sharing!! your daughter's hair is so full and beautiful. She glows with confidence. I love it.


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