Monday, December 29, 2014

6 Tips To Healthy Natural Hair Growth (for kids!)

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “how can I make my child’s hair grow long?”, or some variation of that question. The simple answer to that is there is no magical potion (or, in this case, moisturizer). Now, while there is no way to make your child’s hair grow, don’t fret because there ARE steps you can take to assist in retaining length which will result in a healthy head full of natural hair. While genes play an important role in this process, I also believe that with proper care, anything is possible. Some quick hair facts:  each person has their own individual hair cycle growth phase in which their hair has potential to reach it’s longest (or, terminal length). Once the cycle is complete, it restarts (shedding, anyone?) and a new strand of hair begins to form. Hair grows about 6 inches per year, or half an inch per month, on average. If you do your part in caring for this length to the best of your ability, your little lady (or fella) is sure to have some long locks. In this three-part series, we are going to discuss 6 important tips on how you can help your child during their healthy hair journey.

I’m sure you’ve read some of these tried and true tips on the blog before but hopefully this series puts an end to this very common question.

Tip #1: Avoid hair accessories. 

"What? But they’re so cute!" I know, I know. This is a difficult one for mothers of little girls especially. We always want to match their hair beads and bows to their outfits but please keep in mind that these can do more harm than good.

Beads, for example: we use a rubber band to secure the beads at the end of the braid or twist. Remember, the ends are the oldest part of the hair, therefore, they need the most TLC. Tightly wrapping a rubber band around a small piece of hair and then adding weight from the beads is just asking for trouble! Please take into consideration that typically when parents and caregivers accessorize with beads, we usually leave them in for a few days, sometimes a couple of weeks. Imagine the pulling this is doing to those ends during that period. Overtime, the ends will become dry and brittle resulting in breakage.

Other hair accessories to avoid: Ponytail holders/hair ties (yes, even Goody Ouchless ones). Tight ponytails will inevitably pull on edges. Snaps/barrettes. Bows with metal closures.  

Tip #2: Moisturize! 

Well, duh. People tend to forget how important moisturizing the hair is. It’s easy to moisturize one time then forget about until the next wash day, especially during these Winter months. I strongly suggest a daily moisturizing regimen. Focus on the edges, nape of the neck and the ends.

My favorite moisturizer for my daughter (or holy grail, as we like to call it) is Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer (use discount code: 15BBBSUM for 10% off or you can purchase on Amazon). We've been using this product for years and it has never failed me. Don’t forget to seal the moisture in with an oil. I like Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or Olive Oil.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for part two of this three part series. We will be discussing the importance of protective styling as well as ways you can properly detangle your little one’s hair without the breakage (or tears!).

I’d love to hear your feedback. Do you have any tips you’d like to share or anything you’d like me to answer in our next post? Leave a comment below!

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