Monday, August 30, 2010

Back To School Shopping!

I wanted to share some of the items I got A for back to school. I think I got some pretty good deals, and I know you all love to why not? I would also love to hear what you all got for the kiddos or if you've found any good deals lately!


I picked up some things from Gymboree's Smart Girls Rule line while they had their 40% off sale and I got Gymbucks!

Tie Polo: $15 Plaid Skort: $20 Bow Shoe: $20
Smart Girls Rule Shirt: $15 Striped Skort: $20

Korkers: $3.75/each Headband: $7 Necklace: $10 Watch: $10 Socks: $6/each

Patch Cap: $10 Backpack: $20

The Children's Place

I didn't buy the first two outfits on sale but The Children's Place has been having great sales lately. I thought these sets were perfect for school, especially for young children. Nice and comfy!
Butterfly Hoodie: $19.50 Butterfly Shirt: $14.50 Butterfly Capri: $14.50 Shoes: $14.50

Cupcake Hoodie: $19.50 Cupcake Shirt: $14.50 Cupcake Capri: $14.50 Cupcake Shoes: $14.50

Hoodie: $10.00 Shirt: $14.50 Capri: $10.00

Tiara Shirt: $10.00 Cami: $7.50 Tiara Ponytail Holders: 2 for $5

Crazy8 & Old Navy

I found an online promo code for Old Navy so I got a few dollars off the shirts and I shopped Crazy8's sale items during their 25% off sale, I also got Crazy Cash!

Old Navy Shirt: $7.50 Crazy8 Korkers: $6 for both Crazy8 Flats: $17.06
Crazy8 Ruffle Trench: $20.24 Crazy8 Beret: $5.99
Old Navy Shirt: $7.50 Crazy8 Korkers: $4.50 for both Crazy8 Flats: $17.06

Crazy8 Knit Blazer: $15.74

Crazy8 Jeans: $8.99/each

Crazy8 Flats: $17.06

Crazy8 Necklace: $4.87 Crazy8 Bracelet: $3.74

Jordans: $65

Burlington Coat Factory
HK Backpack: $10

All Accessories

All Shoes

All Bags (By the way, the plaid purse with the dog was $10)

I purchased this stuff during the last 1.5-2 months of Summer. I also purchased several things from TJ Maxx during the Summer (not pictured) and you know TJ Maxx always has a good deal.

Since Gymboree is a little more expensive than I'd like, I almost always buy stuff when it's on sale. They always have a sale so check out their website and sign up for their mailing list to be notified. Also try shopping when you're able to earn GymBucks. You earn $25 Gymbucks for every $50 you spend, then they have a period when you can redeem those GymBucks. It's like real cash in their store. If you have one GymBucks ($25 Gymbucks) when you get $50 worth of stuff you only have to pay $25. See how it works? Same goes for Crazy8 Crazy Cash, only you get $20 for every $40 spent. Both Gymbucks and Crazy Cash are going on right now!

Also, if there is an option for you to enter a promo code online, ALWAYS look for a promo code! Just google "Store name here promo code" will find one! I always find promo codes.

I ordered a cute Junk Food T-shirt from GAP to match the Crazy8 Pink Ruffle Coat but unfortunately they sent me the wrong shirt and their customer service has been horrible so needless to say I will never order from their website again. I'll post the shirt once I (finally) get the right one though.

I also want to add, you can find printable coupons for a lot of stores as well, so once again- Google is your friend! I believe Finishline has a $10 off coupon on their website.

And remember, sign up for those rewards cards! I have a rewards card with several stores including Gymboree and Finishline. favorite "tip", I almost always buy clothes/shoes a size or two bigger so the kids can grow in to them. So far it has worked like a charm and their stuff really lasts.

Anyone else have some shopping tips? Do share!


  1. Oh, another thing! I try to buy some pieces that can easily be mixed and matched with other items. :)

  2. Those are some awesome threads! I can't wait to see hair styles to match!

  3. OMG! That is so funny. I just blogged about "patiently waiting" on my UPS delivery of our Children's Place goods, lol.

    I am gonna try to get a few more things in since they are still having a good sale over there. Great wardrobe A has there. I completely agree with getting things a size or two bigger.

  4. Wow, A is really ready to go back to school! I did some clothes shopping on Thursday and I'll do the rest this week. I don't really have any tips, I'm really bad with those things. I usually don't find out about sales until I'm in the actual store. Sad, I know, I'm working on it!

  5. OOOhhh so freaking cute!! Looks like someone is gonna be a shoe in for best it "A"!!!....I hate that we have to wear uniforms, but it makes for easy shopping I guess..

  6. It looks like you had a good time shopping! A's wardrobe is so cute.

    I love buying back to school stuff but there is some weird quirk in me that compels me to spend my back to school budget on the warmest clothes available. It's like I'm preparing for an Arctic expedition. That means we already have boots, long underwear, parkas, fleecy footie sleepers, and undershirts. But cute T-shirts, cool sneakers, charming ballet flats, or anything that would be practical in September and October- we don't have much of that. At least if the temp drops to 10 degrees unexpectedly, we're ready!

    PS We don't even live somewhere very cold.

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Barbara, I checked out your post, CUTE stuff! I didn't even see those shoes.

    American Girl Doll Hairstyles, I used to be the same way but I've gotten better since becoming a parent, lol.

    AmberLin, I think I would prefer it if A wore uniform. She probably wouldn't like it very much though. I have seen a lot of cute uniform things out lately though.

    Katie, that's funny. I don't even think A will need much for Winter. She still fits most of last years Winter clothes so we'll see. I do need to get some boots though...

  8. Cute stuff!!! Anisa wears a uniform but she is able to express herself with her accessories (shoes, belts, hair accessories). Check out RETAILMENOT.COM for coupon codes. Also sometimes has some cute stuff for girls and boys (women and men too). Oh and don't forget about outlet stores if you have any near you.

  9. Aisha what colors does she have to wear? Crazy8 has this cute combo, some navy sneakers w/ pink laces with knee high socks and a bow to match. It's really cute.

    I think I have gotten a few codes from retailmenot!

    I don't have any outlets real close to me but they are not that far. I really want to go check the outlet mall out!!

    Oh yeah another one..I've noticed companies have been having giveaways on their Twitter or Facebook accounts so definitely follow your fav companies. I know Finishline was giving away shoes and Children's Place was giving away gift cards.

  10. I can't wait until Danaiya goes to school...more than likely she will have to wear uniforms when the time comes...

  11. I forgot to addd my tips! I usually try to hit up end of season sales on things you know you will always need. Now that Cadance is older and staying in the same size lonher I can get a few things in advance for the next year. We love Target and Old Navy and they ALWAYS have things on sale. I just made my first Ebay purchase the other day (I'm a bit behind I know!) and I got a super cute Gymboree coat for my 11 month old for like 11 dollars. Happy shopping to all!

  12. @ Nikki - she can wear white or navy tops and khaki, navy, or black bottoms/jumpers.

  13. I was just telling my friend about ur site & how u are more than just about hair!!! I love, love, love when u notify us of all the sales goin on these days! So happy to see this! Keep it up girl!!!

  14. All of it is so cute! I love the Gymboree argyle socks and the CP sneakers!!

  15. Hey..I shop online a lot. For all you online shoppers, remember to go through You'll get money back. Check it out!!!

  16. Don't forget to ask if your AAA card can help with some discounts. Hey, can't hurt to ask & they do offer discounts aside from travel.

  17. cute stuff. great tips everyone. thanks for sharing. :O)

  18. Wow! You got some cute stuff!! I completely agree with the buying a size or two up so the kids can grow into them!

  19. oh god. A is gonna be such a cute little fashionista. I love it

  20. I wish you were my mom! LOL Looooove the outfits!! I love shopping for little girls.

  21. Such cute outfits! I work at The Childrens Place so pretty much all my kids clothes come from there. Labor Day sale starts tomorrow!

  22. Wow these are so cute. I am going to the children's place and gymboree website right now. I never heard of Crazy8 before I will google it.

  23. Very cute stuff!! I loved Children's Place clothes when Ciara was younger. Gymboree and Old Navy always have cute stuff. I'll have to google Crazy 8 because I've never heard of it before. Thanks so much for all the tips ladies!

  24. WOW! Your daughter is so lucky to have such wonderful things to wear to school. I know that nice clothes and shoes mean a lot to kids, especially to little girls. You guys are so blessed!

  25. This would be a reason why I am so glad my little one wears uniforms!! I practically went crazy on those god only knows what I would have went and spent if she had to wear her regular clothes daily whew!!! LOL!!

  26. Oh, I also meant to add that if you're on a shoestring budget (like myself at the moment) not to forget about lay-a-way. Places like Burlington Coat Factory offer it, if name brands is your main thing, as well as Citi Trends but you also have places like Sears & Kmart. Most places will also allow you to put sale items on lay-a-way as well. Hope this helps.

  27. Thanks ladies, and thanks to those of you who shared tips!

    Andrea, I totally forgot about layaway! I LOVE layaway!! I've done layaway at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and the ones you named, Burlington and Kmart. I remember several months ago I saw a layaway sign at Finishline as well. I need to look in to that.

  28. Don't forget to use Ebates if you shop online!! I'm always getting cash back on my purchases

    Also go through your flyers in the Sunday papers as well as Parade and USA because sometimes they have coupons that are not advertised and are not available in the store. For supplies, Staples always has awesome deals Sunday - Wed, This week it's BIC pens.

  29. i'm jealous. there's no way I could get that many clothes, shoes and accessories and look good for the same amount of money. :)

  30. My little one has to wear uniforms......thank GOD because I would have went loco buying all the cute stuff. I did splurge on cute socks and accessories to give it a style of her own. I found lots of cute ones in Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and Big Lots.....

  31. i love the hello kitty stuff. we also got alot of the same stuff from gymbo. I've been loving childrens place stuff. My shopping tips are with gymboree keep a stash of 20% coupons which come in alot of the parenting magazines, this coupons stack with alot of their sales like the BTS and going on now is fill-a-bag (30% off+20% with your coupon) and next week is the baby sale good for newborn-5t stuff.
    for shopping old navy/gap sign up to get their emails before you place an order they always send a dollar off coupon to new email addresses.
    With childrens place theres always a coupon out to, google birhtday coupon then what month it is and you can print these coupons and use in store.
    Follow these companies facebooks, you will be surprised the sale info and specials they put up on these pages.
    Happy shopping.

  32. Omg. Nikki those are beautiful. You are like me, just because it's the summer does not mean you have to but only shorts. I also buy my boys school uniforms as soon as they are out and I always buy 1 to 2 sizes bigger. During the summer is when they have sales on pants etc. During the winter is when they have sales on summer clothing. I have it down packed. In the month of July is when the retail stores have their cents sale on school supplies.

  33. The school girl outfits are so cute. In the previous post I thought they we're official uniforms lol. Can't wait for my ladybug to get big enough to play dress up etc

  34. A will be the prima fashionista of her school! I love how highly coordinated the Gymboree items are, especially since I am a nerd and love plaid, lol. Since my kids live at the Children's Place, I really like the stuff you purchased from there.

    Did Little Man get some cool outfits?


    Children's Place:
    We've never paid full price at Children's Place in the 10 years we've shopped there. Always do an online search for a % off coupon for their online store. Also, sign up for their e-mailings because they give out % off coupons like crazy thru their emails, and many are 20% off, and they clue you into their numerous sales. With many in-store purchases they give % off coupons too, so check your shopping bags before throwing them away, lol.

    Also, keep checking back at their stores and online store, even after major sales. Children's Place has a sale going on right now online ($10 twill pants, $5 graphic tees, and $7 Capris), and sometimes their jeans and shoes pop up in the online store for 99 cents!

    Check their website everyday, lol.

    I make all of my daughters' korker bows and streamer ponytail O's to save $ and to highly coordinate them with outfits. A basic ponytail o streamer is easy to make, if you just want something real quick, tie long pieces of grossgrain ribbon to the ponytail holders! If you want them to last long you have to sew the ribbon to the holder.

    I buy non-metal elastics from the Dollar Tree. They last long, haven't pulled on hair, and you get 20 for $1. I also buy clippies, some headbands, barretts, bandanas and claw clips from the Dollar Tree. As you know, everything is $1!

    I buy Kufis (knitted hats) at a BBS where they are $1.50, good quality, and come in a boatload of colors. Also buy beads and non-metal ballies for $1.

    I get many many headbands, hats, necklaces, watches, belts and bracelets from the Children's Place to match the store's outfits, but when they have them on sale. The most I have paid for Children's Place hair accessories, hats, and necklaces is 99 cents! I get their watches, bracelets and belts only when I have a % off coupons. So, hunt for their sales!

    Walmart has a great selection of hair accessories and fedoras and bucket hats for $2.50-7 right now.

    If you're looking to match outfits and have a tomboy girl or roughouse son, then $6-10 for shoes at Walmart will keep you from getting peeved when they scuff up sneakers or the bottom of ballet flats, lol.

    School Supplies
    Walmart or Dollar Tree, if you want super cheap but also good quality. We got single subject notebooks for 10 cents at Walmart when they had a sale.

    Tax Free Shopping
    If you live in the New England area, take a trip to Rhode Island and go to the Providence Place Mall: Children's Place, Gap, etc...because everyday is tax free shopping on clothes & shoes. Pair that up with major sales and coupons and you will rack up!

    Check to see if another state nearby you has no-taxes on clothing and plan a trip!

    This year we shopped at Children's Place on the tax free days in my state along with a 20% off e-mailed coupon on the day they had marked summer clothing at %50 off or more. It was insane. There were 99 cent shorts, skirts and shirts! So, keep an eye out for tax free days.

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