Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review: Extra Long & Wide Curlformers



I first tried Curlformers on A's hair in December 2009 and I have to be honest, at that moment, I was less than thrilled. While I wasn't very pleased with our first use, her hair still came out cute and she got a lot of nice compliments. I know that with anything new, you have to try it a couple of times to really get the hang of it.

So, I had a few problems on my first try, but I have found solutions since then.

Problem: The hook got stuck in the Curlformer netting a couple of times.
Solution: After giving it some thought, I realized I was trying to pull too much hair through the Curlformer too quickly. I slowed down a bit, and sectioned off less hair and viola, no more hooks getting stuck!

Problem: After putting the Curlformer on with the hook, you have to give the Curlformer back its shape.
Solution: This has rarely happened after my first try, but when it does, I very gently push the sides of the Curlformer so it curls up in the same direction.

Problem: She had white residue left in her hair. I used shea butter mixed with coconut oil, and ORS Lock & Twist Gel.
Solution: Use a setting lotion!! It works wonders. Soft bouncy curls with absolutely no residue.

What I did really like about Curlformers on our first try was they are easy to sleep on (I know this because I slept in them as well) and they seem to add more length than other curlers.

Here's a few more pictures:



The next time I tried the Extra Long & Wide Curlformers was January 2010. I decided to give them a go on A's box braids after flexi-rods did not curl her box braids properly (only her ends) and that is when I fell in love!

This is what her box braids looked like when I first put them in:


1 week later I washed her box braids and put about 2-3 braids in each Curlformer, she slept in them with no complaints, when I took them out in the morning her braids looked great! I put them in a side ponytail on top and left the back down.

Curlformers in:


Curlformers taken out:



I love that you can create fabulous curls (comfortably) overnight without having to use a curling iron, which may cause heat damage. I have been using Curlformers over all other curlers lately. They take a little getting used to, as far as getting the technique down, but are well worth it.

If you would like to purchase Curlformers, they sell them on their website. They carry several different Styling Kits, along with Starter Packs. I would suggest buying a Styling Kit, which includes many Curlformers, two hooks, a cute bag to keep the Curlformers in, and an instruction sheet (around $60 US Dollars) because the starter packs are around $12 US Dollars, not including a hook. You can also find Curlformers at Sally's Beauty Supply, although they do not have a big variety.

Happy shopping!

I would like to thank Curlformers for allowing us to review their product.

Disclosure: The product(s) were sent to me free of charge from the company or PR agency for the purpose of this review. My opinions are my own and are not influenced by any other part.


  1. Love it. It's so cute and girly.

  2. so cute! I was checking curlformers at sally's other day, but bought supper rollers instead... Now I really want to try this! My daughter has very thick hair, was 1 styling kit enough for whole head?

  3. Wow! Those curl formers are excellent! What beautiful hairstyles.

  4. Hi Nikki,

    I was wondering what do you do for "A"'s ends. To you clip them your self or go to an hairdresser?
    Thanks Gabrielle

  5. Hi!

    Would you mind telling what setting lotion you use this time? I just tried with Avlon setting lotion but it didn't turn out good The ends were frizzy and "poof". I let my hair air dry for around 5 hours... Anyway, I like the curls, but I really need to find a good leave-in. By the way, I don't leave in USA, so, I don't have the products you have there. Congrats!! You make nice styles on your hair's daughter!

  6. Wow! You are so creative with your daughter's hair. I wish there was a salon near my house that did this that I could take my daughter to.

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