Monday, January 4, 2010



Someone on CurlyNikki posted about Ulta having a sale. She said the Giovanni was buy one, get one free. My Riteaid didn't have Giovanni Direct Leave-in (love that stuff!) So I had to go check Ulta out.

You can check out Ulta's flyer here.

The sale is from January 3rd-January 23rd

To get the Giovanni for BOGO you need the coupon in the flyer. They carry their flyer in the store, so just ask for one. They also have a coupon on the front page of the flyer $3.50 off any purchase of $10 or more. Ulta also has Herbal Essences products 2/$6, Matrix 1 liter products $13, and much more!

Oh, and did you know Ulta has DevaCurl?

Happy shopping!


  1. I lovvvve Ulta!! I could go broke in that store. That's where I got my Deva Curl :) great stuff.

  2. @Jaime, yes! That was my first time going to Ulta and I love it! :) I looked at everything, lol.

  3. you are perpetually fueling my product-junkyism!! i'm so going to ulta this weekend to get my product junkyism on (urban decay, deva curl, herbal essence)

  4. I live near an ULTA I think I'm going to try this! Interestingly, me, and my 2 daughters, all 3 of us have totally different hair texture from one another! i wish I could find a one-size-fits-all product!!!


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