Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giveaway Time!! CLOSED


It is time for the Giveaway! This is Beads, Braids, & Beyond's first Giveaway so this is very exciting. There will be more to come!

First, I would like to say thank you to everyone for following the blog, supporting the blog, and spreading the word about the blog. I think it is amazing how quickly the natural hair community comes together and supports one another.

Next, I have to say thank you to Denman!

These wonderful brushes are available in UK
through Boots nationwide and also on their website

They also sell a more stylish Denman, along with some cute fragranced Tutti Frutti Denmans! So check out their website.

As you can see, the Giveaway includes the Denman D3 Brush (love it!!!) a pack of (at least) 1000 pink beads, and two packs of barrettes!

The Giveaway is currently only available to those of you in the US/Canda.

In order to enter the Giveaway you MUST be a follower of this blog! That is the only requirement.

One entry: Simply leave a comment saying "I follow your blog" along with your first name. If you happen to notice someone else has the same name, leave a nickname or add an initial to the end of your name.

One entry: Become a Facebook friend/fan! (Look at the end of the right side column for the link) Make sure you let me know if you are a friend/fan!

One entry: Spread the word about the blog. Twitter it, Myspace it, Facebook it, post it on your blog, post it in a forum, You get the idea! Leave a comment saying you have done so and on what website.

Two entries: Add one of our buttons (to the right) to your facebook, myspace, blog, whatever! Leave a comment saying you have added the button and to what website.

One entry: If your child has ALREADY participated on Beads, Braids, & Beyond blog leave a comment telling me where they participated (ex. Diva Spotlight/Hair Share) along with their name. If your child has participated more than once (ex. Diva Spotlight AND Hair Share) make sure you let me know.

Two entries: If your child participated in the Style Challenge let me know! Make sure you tell me their name.

I will leave this open for a week or so. I plan on writing all of the names down, putting them in a hat/bowl and letting A draw the name out on camera.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Ok I'm not sure if I am suppose to make separate enteries on your comments for each item but;

    I follow your blog

    I follow you on facebook

    I have blogged about your blog

    I shared your blog on the Interracial Family Organization fansite on facebook (which I co-moderate)

    I shared your blog on twitter: twitter name livinwpurpose

    I have one of your button on my page and blogged all three of them.

    I added your button to my myspace page as well.

    lol How many enteries is that??!!

    ~Jennifer Morris

  2. I follow your blog - KeaShay

    I added your button to my site

    I added a blog to my site about this blog =)

    I did the Nov challenge

    Uhmm no kids did a blog yet but my bows made it in a blog =) that count? LOL!!

  3. Wow Jennifer, lol!! You get 13 entries girl. =| LOL! I didn't expect all of that. Thank you!

    KeaShay, 7 entries!

    Ok from here I won't be telling other people how many entries they have, haha. Unless you HAVE to know. Just shoot me an email!

    Thanks for entering ladies. :)

  4. I wrote a blog post on my blog, added a button to my blog, and requested you as a friend on facebook, and follow your blog. Nicole

  5. I follow you... I am a friend and a fan on facebook..I will add both of my girls to your diva spotlight soon!!!

  6. I am following your blog.
    Kristi KJ Braids

  7. You're a friend on facebook also.

    Kristi- KJ Braids

  8. I follow your blog Nik and Im a friend on facebook :)i love your work (which you should know from BBC how impressed I am! - Angel

  9. I follow your blog, we are friends on Facebook (Angela Williams), I shared your blog on Facebook and also added your button to my Facebook, and lastly, my baby is currently participating in the Style Challenge (#7, Mari).

  10. I also blogged about it (LHCF) and posted about the site on the children's forum on LHCF.

  11. I follow your blog!

    I requested you as a friend on facebook.

    I emailed you previously about being part of the Diva Spotlight, just waiting for you to send me the questions, so it can be my turn! :)

    Jaime G.

  12. i am following you on facebook
    and i am following you on your blogsite
    and i have added your button to my blogsite

  13. I follow the blog
    I am your FB friend (Natasha Martin)

  14. Hi, it's Nicholle! i'm a page follower, FB follower, and have posted a link to your blog on my page as well as suggested your FB page to my friends.

    Just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I have 2 year old twins and have been practicing the cornrows. I'm not on your level yet, but your styles inspire me to do better.

    I have to say too, whoever wins the Denman is going to love it. I bought one a month ago, but used it for the first time on all 3 of us yesterday. LOVED it on my own hair and didn't have to hear 'Ow Mommy' when combing conditioner through their hair. HOpefully one of these days I can do a Spotlight with their hair...Not too confident in my skills yet though :)

  15. I follow your blog on a daily basis lol. Aryna has participated in the Diva spotlight (proud to say she was the first!!) and also in hair share with her mohawk. Im gonna go try and find you on facebook right now so I can add you! :)
    Jennifer H

  16. YOU ROCK! I Love your blog, you know (since ur on my facebook) I'm talking about it all the time and crediting styles back to your blog whenever I post a style ya'll influenced! Thanks so much! Keeping my fingers crossed for a real denman brush LMBO I have a knockoff from the hair store (all I could find in my area) and it keeps falling apart! LOL

    Thanks again~ Jennifer

  17. I follow your blog on a daily basis and I have requested you as a friend on face book


  18. I follow your blog
    your my friend on facebook(if you have a myspace I have one of those to)
    and I love the tips you give on here and BC and cant wait to one day submit to the spotlight with some styles but would have to get skills right first! lol

  19. YAY Jamilah is on hair share....Another entry!!!! YIPPIEEEEEEE :)

  20. I follow your blog (MommaBecca)
    I'm your friend on Facebook
    I've linked to your blog on my Facebook
    I sent back the Q&A for Diva Spotlight
    Danasia is in the Style Challenge

  21. Keatra

    I follow you blog.
    I've sent you a friend request on Facebook.
    I sent you a question regarding "My daughter's hair" via email

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  23. I follow your joined google today just so I could follow officially.

    You do a great job!! My 3 yr old DD is just starting to have her hair grow in so maybe one day we'll be able to modify some of the styles and enter style contests and post pics. Thanks!

  24. When is the drawing...I'm so anxious lol

  25. I follow you blog & were friends on facebook.

    Erica P.

  26. I also just added your button to my blog.

    Erica P.

  27. I follow your blog and have added your latest button to my site. Keep up the great work! Courtney

  28. I follow your blog (lilashley2002), I am your friend on Facebook (Ashley F.) and I linked your blog through my facebook.

  29. I'm following so much it's starting to feel like stalking.

  30. I follow your blog...Your blog is awesome. Erica C.

  31. I follow your blog. Monique

    I'm a friend on facebook

    I added your button to my blog

  32. Almost forgot I mentioned it on last month! My u/n on there is Ashley0710. If you can't find it with this link, then just go to the forum and go the the childrens hairstyle section and it's the last page (page 6) of Pictures of childrens hairstyles. I am the last one that posted.


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