Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Natural Hair Updo: Cinnabuns & Flat Twists

She's back! Miss A's older cousin, Ky! You can check out some of Ky's previous styles done by me here (flat twists into afro), here (side swept two strand twists), here (cornrows and twist out) and here (side cornrows with two strand twists).

This style may look familiar to you because I did a very similar style on Miss A back in March. See this post for pictures and details. Ky saw a picture of Miss A with her hair like that and told me she wanted the same so I got to work.

First, I washed Ky's hair with Cara B Naturally Shampoo and conditioned with V05. I detangled her wet hair with a Denman brush while the conditioner was still in. After rinsing I immediately applied a generous amount of Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer to her wet hair and banded her hair into 4 sections. Click here for our banding F.A.Q. post

The next day, when her hair was completely dry, I gently removed the bands and began by parting her hair from ear to ear, I tied the back section off to get it out of my way then parted the top section straight down the middle tying one side off. I began the style by parting up towards the middle, I stopped about an inch or so away from the middle part. I wanted to have a nice gap between the flat twists to create the cinnabuns in the middle. After flat twisting that section with Bee Mine Curly Butter I moved on to the next section, parting straight up towards the middle again. I secured the end of each flat twist with a rubberband dipped in extra virgin coconut oil. I created 5 flat twists on each side making sure I stopped about an inch or so away from that middle part. If you don't know how to flat twist, it's very simple. You are simply parting a small bit of hair off from your section and splitting it into two, begin twisting the right over the left while grabbing a little hair evenly across and adding it to each section.

Once I finished the flat twists I moved on to the fun part- cinnabuns! To create these super cute buns I parted a medium sized section of hair and very loosely tied it off with an ouchless ponytail holder. I then began taking the entire section and rolling/twisting it all to the left, holding it straight down infront of her face. Place your finger on top of the section and begin twisting the hair (make sure you have a firm grip so it doesn't come undone) flat on to the scalp around the ouchless ponytail holder, tuck the ends under the bun. Take one bobby pin and place it flat, right through the cinnabun and you're all done! Continue this process until you have lots of little cinnabuns on top. I wanted her cinnabuns to be thick with a little texture so I only added a little curly butter and loosened them a bit once they were all in. You can make your cinnabuns bigger or smaller, whatever floats your boat.

Now, for the hair in the back I had her sit in a high chair and bend her head down. I added a generous amount of Bee Mine Curly Butter and began doing one large flat twist up into the area where the cinnabuns are. I loosely tied the flat twist off with a rubberband and created another cinnabun with the left over hair.

She loved this style and said she felt so fancy! She was worried that her hair may not have been long enough for the style but I assured her we would make it work and it turned out fabulous!

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  1. This is such a pretty style, I loved it when you did it on A and I love this one too. Gorgeous!

  2. Ky is an absolute doll! I want this hairstyle for myself(might have to recreate this.

  3. Do you put the ouchless ponytail holders on each cinnabun?? Thank you

  4. Both versions of this style = AWESOME! Great job. I'm definitely going to try this version on my daughter's hair for an upcoming wedding.

  5. Ooooooh, I am loving all of Ky's styles, her hair is a lot like my JJ's in terms of texture and length. I can't wait to try a few of these over the summer!!

  6. Cute hair style & very creative,keep up the good work!,be blessed in Yah!

  7. Such a pretty style for a pretty lilttle girl.... beautiful work

  8. I love the new direction that your blog has taken, A's hair is always beautiful but it is great to see you work with different textures of hair as well.
    Good luck for the future


  9. This is such a cute hair style!! I love the design.

  10. Like it a lot....

  11. The little girl is beautiful and a great model for these hair designs. I would love to try them on some of my clients. Fantastic work!!


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