Saturday, October 24, 2009


So, thanks to Cassie (told you I'd blame you too) I went back to Walmart (very rare, I go maybe once a year) to get some cute hair stuff. I spent almost $30. I got almost 2 packs of everything. Hey, she has a lot of hair! I had to stop myself because I could have easily spent close to $100 on hair accessories. They actually have some really cute, cheap stuff!!


Check them out! You should be seeing some of this stuff in upcoming posts.


  1. You started it! =P We have those terry cloth korkers. I love them. We'll be going back when I get paid on Friday.

  2. those korkers are cute but dont wrap to tight cuz they will fall apart

  3. I love ur's helping me with my daughters hair so much....thank u, thank u, thank u soo much.


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