Sunday, February 13, 2011

Part 2: Valentine's Day Hair Share!

Here's part 2 of Valentine's Day Hair Share! Thank you all so much for sharing. You are all so creative and talented. Click here to see part 1.

In no particular order...

#1 shared by Toni:

#2 shared by Ally:

#3 shared by Laura:

#4 shared by Shonti:

#5 shared Angelina:

#6 shared by Tiffany:

#7 shared by Blair:

#8 shared by Danielle:

#9 shared by Jennifer:

#10 shared by Rameeka:

#11 shared by MiMi Braids

#12 shared by Stephanie:

#13 shared by Shanett:

#14 shared by Maisha:

#15 shared by Morgan:

#16 shared by Alison:

#17 shared by Jami:


  1. Very creative and pretty. Love the designs Stephanie did . Great job mommies. Wish I could've joined u guys but I have all boys.

  2. Just want to say that this is just awesome!!! what a creativity, love it...well done all!!!tumbs up!

  3. All really amazing styles - well done ladies!

  4. These are amazing--simply gorgeous. I am utterly and completely intimidated!! :)

  5. I wish I knew this was going on because I braided a heart in my daughter's hair for her birthday. It was a hit at her party! I love this blog!

  6. these are sooo beautiful! such creativity!

  7. I am in awe of the talent shown in these pictures! Wow!

  8. Next year I am biting off of #12. Love it!

  9. Thanks for sharing these adorable style pictures. Love them! I braided a heart into my daughter's hair too. Hope to post it later!

  10. These are great!! All of the moms did an excellent job!! I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!!
    SN: I emailed updated pics.

  11. Wow! Awesome styles! Thanks for sharing!


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