Monday, July 9, 2012

Big Carefree Natural Curls

I received several questions on our Facebook page about how I got Miss A's curls to look like this and how she was able to achieve her second day hair so I thought I would make a quick post explaining how we achieved her big carefree curls.

After washing and detangling her hair, I applied a generous amount of Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer through her wet/damp curls with my fingers, from root to tip. I did not brush the product through. I continued to rake the product through (raking is key!) until I felt it had been evenly distributed. 

Once her hair dried it looked like this:

Later that night I gathered her hair in a loose ponytail on top of her head and created a messy bun, tucking the ends under. It's important for her to not sleep with her curls out. Once she lays on them they will tangle up terribly and become matted pretty quickly. When we want second day hair I will either place it in a high bun or put a few loose braids in her hair. 

The next day I removed the bun and her curls looked like this (see picture below). The only change I made was pinning the middle section of hair back for a different look.

Please note that if you try this (just using a moisturizer and raking) the curls will not be perfect. There will be frizz. Embrace it and learn to love it! As you can see, it's a beautiful thing.

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  1. It is definitely a beautiful thing! Gorgeous hair for a gorgeous girl!!

  2. I want my hair to be THAT big! Love it.

  3. Oh my god her hair is freaking Gorgeous, she has enough hair for like 4 people. You have done a wonderful job on her hair, know if you only did grown ups as well :). I would be on the next plane j/k lol...

  4. This is such a dramatic look. I think it's gorgeous!

  5. Love it! Easy breezy and beautiful! Today is wash day for my daughter, I might have to rethink a braid out,hmmm...


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