Friday, July 6, 2012

Beautiful Nubian Princess Braids

By: Aisha of Braid With Me

Beautiful!! This is the word that comes to mind when I look at my baby girl with this style! The design + the wooden beads + the Anisa in her natural beauty = Beautiful Nubian Princess Braids! 

To achieve this style, I removed Anisa's previous Box Braids that can be seen here and here. Next, I finger detangled her hair using coconut oil in preparation for a cowash. I continued by using our routine and by banding her hair overnight. 

I began by parting her hair from side to side directly behind each ear. The back portion of her hair was secured with an ouchless band while I braided the front. The front section was styled with free-form braids and adorned with wooden beads. 

I left the back section down for a little while before I placed it into a huge puff. 

For bedtime, I finger detangled the back section with coconut oil and made several large, two-strand twists. I rolled the ends of the twists with satin covered sponged rollers and protected her hair with a satin bonnet. 

The next day, I removed the rollers and twists and was a bit surprised to see that the back of her hair was basically flat. We had a fun day planned so it was okay. 

As you can see, Anisa was VERY active at the festival that we attended. 

 Before bedtime on day 2, I decided to add flat twists to the back instead of regular two-strand twists. I also used flexi-rods instead of the satin covered sponge rollers. 

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